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Al Mariah United Group
Abdalghani Omer


حول Abdalghani Omer:

My name is Abdalghani I'm highly motivated, creative and versatile.


I worked as a Full Stack Developer/UI/UX Designer for 6 months in Seles Software Development Company in Abu Dhabi during this period I made (from scratch): 1- UI/UX Designs for a web project includes more than 20 pages 2- Converted these pages to HTML,CSS and web animation. 3- Converted to React styled components to make the project contains pure JavaScript 4- Pages responsive to support multi screen sizes. 


Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences - Bachelor Honours degree in Accounting Al Zaiem Al azhari University grade: 3.45 

2013 - 2018

محترفون من نفس قطاع التكنولوجيا والإنترنت مثل Abdalghani Omer

محترفون من قطاعات مختلفة بالقرب من Al Mariah United Group, أبوظبي

وظائف بالقرب من Al Mariah United Group, أبوظبي

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    Senior Surveyor I

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    The Senior Surveyor I is considered an intermediate to advanced level Surveyor position. The primary function is to examine and report on vessels and other marine structures during and after construct ...

  • ESAT

    UI Graphic Designer

    تم العثور عليها في: Emprego AE C2 - منذ 6 أيام

    ESAT Abu Dhabi, الإمارات العربية المتحدة

    Responsibilities: · Responsible for creating paper sketches, mockups, wireframes, prototypes, style guides, user flows, icons, company Brochures, catalogs and Business cards. · Present and defend your ...

  • New York University Abu Dhabi أبو ظبي, الإمارات العربية المتحدة

    يسعى مختبر AMMLab في قسم الهندسة بجامعةنيويورك أبوظبي إلى تعيين زميل ما بعد الدكتوراه للعمل على تطويرأدوات الموائع الدقيقة للثقافة المشتركة للأغشية الحيويةومعالجتها. · سيقود المتقدم الناجح مشروعًا رائ ...