Abdelhalim Elbadrawy Plant Protection / Disease Control project manager A

Abdelhalim Elbadrawy Plant Protection / Disease Control project manager

Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي

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About me:

To oversee operations & maintenance of plants vegetation activity of various agricultural establishment in different locations.
• Supervision and inspection of plants/vegetation related to garden, park, and landscape area.
• Identifying the problem of vegetation about pest attack, plant disease and fertilizer deficiency, other physiological and environment related.
• Analyze the plant specimens for the fungal, bacterial and viral infection in addition to the nematodes and soil pathogens and insects in the soil that may affect the normal growth of the plants and recommend suitable soil insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and bactericides for control of these pathogens.
• Provide practical solution to combat and solve the plant problem.
• Evaluate the efficacy and suitability of new agro-chemicals and agro-organics to be introduced in agriculture activities.
• Prepare weekly, and monthly reports on date palm pests, diseases attack e.g. palm stem borer, red palm weevil and remedial measures.
• Inspect agricultural materials and fertilizers for compliance with laws and regulations governing health, quality and safety.
• Prepare pesticides disposal report.
• Prepare pheromone trap maintenance report for red palm weevil monitoring.
• Coordinate with Client/PMC, the Contractor and related concerned authorities.
• Liaise with all parties for site safety and quality of works.
• Convene and chair regular site meetings about issues related to plant problems and remedial actions.
• Ensure prompt exchange of correspondence and approvals.
• Ensure accuracy and completeness of records.
• Act positively and participate in all health and safety issues at site, as required by the Senior Resident Engineer, and the Project Safety Representative.
• Comply with safety, health and risk management requirements.
• Check and measure the performed work and record and display progress vs. programmed work.


Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, 2007 - Good // (Egypt)


 Agricultural Engineer / Sa`a Technical Services Corporation
Outsourcing with the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority
From November 5, 2017 to now.
Supervising the implementation of the operational plan for the date palm pests program Which includes the following:
1. The date palm pests program for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
2. Organic farms pests program. 
3. Sulfur’s Fogging and spraying program.
4. Injection and spraying for palms which infected with red palm weevil.
5. Spraying program site infected farms Humairh and spider dust.
6. An intensive hunting program for the red palm weevil, which includes pheromone traps.
7. Extraction and chopping program for dry and severely injured palms.
8. The main palm pest survey program.
• Coordination with farmers and supervising their farms.
• Continuous awareness of farmers on the safe use of pesticides.
• Several training courses for farmers were held.
• Application of integrated palm management works.
• Use of appropriate pesticides for the target insect stage.
• Application of safety standards for the use of pesticides for farms and the applicator.
• Implementing preventive actions for palm trees to avoid insect and pathological diseases.
• Applying the appropriate treatment method for the red palm weevil, either by injecting the pesticide or by using Fostoxin tablets.
• Use a suitable pesticide for the date palm stalk borer, whether according to the stage.
• Use and prevent the appropriate pesticide for date palm borer according to the stage.
• Develop plans to prevent dust spiders.
Prevention of HUMIRAH bugs
• Prevention of pollen beetle, which destroys female objects at the beginning of germination.
• Use a suitable pesticide for fungal diseases such as: black blight - Fasil disease or Diploidia - brown spot, with appropriate methods of prevention.

 Agricultural Engineer / Swaidan Trading Company (Al Naboodah)
From October 2014 to October 2017 / Ras Al Khaimah / UAE
- Supervising the implementation of control programs for palm pests.
- Implementation of the Dubas pest control program.
- Implement the integrated palm management program.
- Early detection of infestations and monitoring of insect behavior.
- Combating mealybugs.
- Control of white scale insects.
- Anti-black mold.
- Educating farmers about the danger of incorrect use of pesticides
- Implementation of the intensive hunting program for the red palm weevil.
- Safe use of Fostoxin when drying dates to reduce infection with date insects when marketing or consuming.

 Agricultural Engineer / SOMACO Outsourcing Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
From January 2014 to October 2014 Ras Al Khaimah / UAE
- Supervising the implementation of control programs for palm pests.
- Establish programs to limit the spread of the Dubas insect and work to reduce it.
- Work to diagnose trees infected with nematodes or not
- Work on identifying the germination of different seeds, whether by water germination or dry germination
- Working on the touch program for the Agricultural Quarantine Department

 Agricultural engineer at agricultural enterprise From July 2009 to 2014 / UAE
Implementing landscaping programs pests and weed infestations for houses, such as:
• Cyperus rotundus 
• Medicago 
• Amaranthus
Implementing anti-landscaping programs for homes from insect infestations and illnesses such as:
• White earthworm
• Termite
• Leaf hopper
• Root knot nematodes 
• Dollar spot
Implementation of palm control programs in homes infected with the red palm weevil.
Implement tree pest control programs such as aphids, scale insects and spiders.
Scientific Achievements

1. Work in agricultural quarantine in the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.
2. Participate in preparing a guide for agricultural pests in the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority.
3. Desert Locust officer at southern sector from March 7, 2020 to June 7, 2020, Alain UAE.
4. Field work within the team of photographing agricultural and pathological pests in the UAE.
5. Work in the Kuwaitat Research Station in Al Ain to classify pest index pests.
6. Developing an organic mixture for controlling desert locust in organic farms.
7. candidates for work on a record of vital enemies in the UAE.

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