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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan, 1998


  Highly accomplished, seasoned livestock and agricultural specialist possessing more than 20 years of insightful experience and hands-on experience in spearheading entire gamut of functions related to livestock management, plants and animals in their natural habitat, food safety and agriculture sustainability.
  In depth, subject knowledge and well-honed skills in good livestock practices and integrated farming, livestock supply chain and stockholders, livestock health and production areas such as Health, Nutrition, Housing and Breeding.
  Strategic leader with talent selling design, quality, service and value over price; and proven revenue generator in all market conditions, with expert qualifications in increasing market penetration and capitalizing on opportunities by converting researched data into effective sales strategies.
  A collaborative leader with sound knowledge of fodder production and techniques especially in biosaline areas, process and standards of dairy, poultry operations, and slaughter houses and understanding of Agriculture, Veterinary and Dairy industry.
  Currently associated with Silal for Food & Technology ”Silal”, Abu Dhabi, UAE as / Veterinary Specialist.

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