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Dear hiring manager,

I am thrilled to be applying for the teaching role as it is something I have been looking forward to in order to build my career.

I am a native English speaker, born and raised in the United Kingdom; where I have completed my high school and University education. Having taken English literature with Creative Writing as a degree has broadened my knowledge in the world of English not only as a subject, but in a historical, psychological, sociological and educational point of view also. Reading English Literature has helped me grow and become a better student of English, which I want to pass on to students one day.

Working with children is something I have not only enjoyed but found rewarding too. I believe that education is very important in our lives; without it we are nothing. Children love to imitate adults, so what better way to copy our best traits than learning from us in a school environment. Everyone begins somewhere and my belief is that starting off with a good education breaks down so many barriers and opens up doors for the positive path ahead.

Staying calm in difficult situations and handling younger students if they go through any downfalls is something I familiar with already. Having two young children myself; one in Foundation Stage 1 has enabled me to develop more skills that I can take into the school environment. Being patient, calm, considerate and socially and emotionally present for the child is highly important and also a part of their learning journey. 

I have always enjoyed learning and this is why I would very much like to pass on that passion to the next generation. During my GCSCE’s, I took the pleasure in working with Foundation Stage children as a part of my work experience. This became the building block for me and enlightened me in helping children grow through work and play. Furthermore, in the course of my GNVQ in Health and Social Care I worked again with Foundation Stage students which benefited me greatly as it gave me the experience I needed to grow and learn about what is expected of a good teacher.

As a part of my high school experience I worked with a number of students whose first language wasn’t English. Throughout the course of the school year, I worked with year 7 and year 8 students that had difficulty speaking, reading and writing in English. Each day I sat with these students and helped them with their reading and writing which improved their speaking by the end of the year. This task built my own confidence as well, as it helped me prepare in assisting students. I also took part in a short course called ‘Reading Matters’ where I aimed to help students in their reading. This ten week programme was an enjoyable experience for me as I devised my own quizzes and activities for the students. I used word games, word search, spelling tests, fill in the gap sentences which the students thoroughly enjoyed. By the end of the programme the students had improved in their reading which was rewarding for me as their guide and teacher.

I have enjoyed the challenges I underwent during my time and experience within the school environment. It helped the students and myself emotionally, academically and socially. Helping them strive in their academics proved to be very rewarding. Having taken my experience and passion into account, I hope to become a good supporting teacher to her students and aid them to achieve their goals in the best possible way I can. Having the patience and gratitude of being a part of this learning journey will benefit both teacher and student.



I enjoy working with young children. I have a strong belief that education is vital in being the stepping stone in our development,


BA (HONS) English Literature with Creative Writing from the University of Huddersfield (UK)


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