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About me:

Multi-faceted, efficient & reliable administrative professional with 15 years of experience supporting executives, sales and managers to improve internal operations for businesses. Over 15 years  of experience in student counseling and recruitment/marketing  in educational environment on an international platform 


Master's degree in literature university of Belgrade Serbia 


Diversified skill sets covering office management, client relations, event planning and event management.  Excellent communication and organization skills. Ability to communicate effectively with culturally diverse customers. Energetic and professional, works well both individually and in  team. Excellent training experience and social skills.  Professional and highly focused customer service approach.

Ability to develop  partnerships with business and community contacts in order to support mutual development and growth whilst raising the profile and position of the school within the local community. Administration, recruitment and marketing strategic development of all business relating to the promotion of the school at all levels through targeted marketing initiatives and activities. Developing partnerships with study abroad agencies for international pupil recruitment.

Strong commercial and market research skills. Negotiation and problem-solving skills. Ability to work under pressure, handle challenging situations and multi-tasking. Attaining the deadlines and sales targets.

What kind of projects is Branka Bejatovic looking for?

Relation executive, Business development , student  recruitment manager and strategic management 

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