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About me:

My name is Chantal, 

I've  majored in learning disability, and practiced it for over 7 consecutive years; between specialized schools, language correction centers, private tutoring for Students of Determination, and therapeutic session ( social behavior adaptation- autism)

Throughout the years, I worked on improving myself. My experienced journey allowed me to do the administrative job. ( creating teachers schedules, meeting with the parents, putting IEP, and managing an educational center)

I'vedeveloped in my career and entered the counseling field. I was a counselor for a big number of “Students of Determination”. I worked with them on different levels, the educational, the social, and the emotional. Working as a counselor in school not only limited my job to students, yet teachers were also my priority. Coordinating with them and guiding them to provide the students with the best educational environment suitable for every one of them. 



BA in Learning disability & teaching diplomat 



1- School counselor for middle and high school students ( Students of Determination) 

2- Working in language correction center for 4 years ( teaching and managing the branch for a period of time)

3- Creating IEPs for students with learning difficulties in a mainstream school for 2 years 

4- Giving therapeutic sessions for autistic children ( age up to 4) ( social-emotional skills) for 2 years 

5- Teaching in a specialized school for 3 years 

6- Tutoring students with learning difficulties for 4 years 

What kind of projects is Chantal Tannous looking for?

As my last experience had a very positive impact on me, I would like to dig deeper in the counseling field.

School counseling is on top of my list. 

For me, it's an area where all the missions I aim to achieve in working with Students of Determination. 

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