Eiman Al Yahyaee E

Eiman Al Yahyaee

Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي

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About me:

Flexible and Adaptable, Geography information system (GIS) Graduate, who’s hard working and responsible and who’s objective is to develop a career.


1-  2007 Bachelors in Geography Information System (GIS) UAE University, Al Ain, UAE
2-  2002 General Secondary Certificate, Literature Stream Mazyad High School, Al Ain, UAE


1- 25 Feb-17 May 2007 Intern at Al Ain Distribution Company Al Ain, UAE
2- 1 July-31 August 2007 Trainee at Al Ain hospital Al Ain, UAE

3- Strata (2010-Current)

1. Alain academy for Composite structure. (from 09/2010 until 07/2011)
2. Clean room as an operator layup in Aileron project. ( from 08/2011 until 2012)
3. Planning department as a scheduler Duties: ( from 2012 until 01/2013)
* travelers for Ailerons (153 & 154) and spoilers project
* daily update for the projects
* Weekly KPI’s
* Attends the meeting.
4. PMO department (Project Management Office) Duties: ( from 03/2015 until 05/2017)
* Update the Procedure (E2E, Lessons learnt, Risk management and Customer Satisfaction Procedure).
* Did the training for the Risk management and Knowledge Management System.
* Tracking the Risks and issues register.
* Tracking the Knowledge Management System (Lessons Learnt).
* Doing Dashboard and Monthly Executive Report in a monthly basis.
* Tracking Customer matrix in yearly basis.
* Tracking A350 800/900-1000 Projects in weekly basis.
* Creating Survey for Customer Satisfaction Procedure.
* Tracking the Q-Pulse.
* Understanding the forecast and reforecast.
5. Configuration management ( from 02/2013 until 02/2015 & from 05/2017 until current)
ES1 department Duties:
* Transfer the information from Strata company to the suppliers and the customers by using Mubadala My Share.
* Updating the cADL and cATD list .
* Uploading the specifications and the customer’s COMO in Strata system.
* Getting the specifications update and searching for the specifications in the customer’s portal.
* Request the specifications from the customer’s focal points.
* Procure the specifications from SAI global.
* Experience in SharePoint.
* Experience in Enovia system.
* Manage and control the documents approval, hardware and software versions.
CM department Duties:
* Leading the Configuration Control Board (CCB) meeting for 101 program
* Leading the SRB meeting.
* Update the CCB minutes to capture and track the changes
* Helping with idea to improve the PLM system process.

What kind of projects is Eiman Al Yahyaee looking for?

I'm Looking for the below

Airbus projects

FACC projects

SABCA project

SAAB project

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