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About me:

Fodil zenati , aged 35. Bejaia, Algeria. 
He has graduated with Master degree of mechanical design engineer from  Abderahmane Mira Bejaia University Algeria, , Fodil is motivated by creativity and productivity;  he is also an Artist painter  which inspired him to open his eyes. He is a sociable , Fodil also doing Business and he is freelancer. 


He has graduated with Master degree of mechanical design engineer, since 2013 from  Abderahmane Mira Bejaia University Algeria, and during his courses he studied Mechanical Design CAD/CAM, Maintenance Management, HVAC,Thermodynamics Powers Mechanical Vibrations, Manifacturing process, Mechanics of Materials, Measurement and Instrumentations  Heat and Mass Transfer  Fluid Mecanics, Statics and Dynamics and other courses related to Softwar Tools. 


Fodil  started career in business and conslting of machines (CNC) and differents equipement like supplier for start-ups to have large veiws in the industry and project production process ,management projects and communication 

Having spent the last 4 years learning and doing as international trading some time he  design project and machines, he has not only developed robust problem-solving skills, but also a flair for project management.

What kind of projects is Fodil Zenati looking for?

integratea big firm of design and production 

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