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About me:

A financial accounting professional with extensive experience in a deadline-driven environment. A proven track record of providing accounting services on a continuous and effective basis that enhances the company's objective and profitability.


It offers the following experiences:


• Strong technical accounting skills

• Audit Required and Excellent research

• Balance Sheet and Estimated Budget

• Facilitating internal and external audit procedures

• In-depth knowledge of accounting regulations and standards


Experienced committed to improving the overall business processes and building a cohesive work environment with the available work team.


Qualification                   : Bachelor of Commerce, (Accounting department). 

From                                 : Alexandria University      

Year of Graduation        : 2006.




      Qualification                    : Preparing financial statement & book keeping 

       From                                : Arab Academy for Science & Technology.

       Year of Graduation       : 2006.




      Qualification                    : Value Added Tax Agent 

       From                                :  High Authority Council for Chartered Accountants.

       Year of Graduation       :  2018.





Online Courses by UDEMY  on 2020 :


  1. Financial Management A Complete Study for CA/CMA/CS/CFA/ACCA .


  1. The Complete Finance Manager Course 2020 .


  1. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020 .


  1. Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation .


Previous Experience: 


- Finance Manager at Ras al khaimah agriculture cooperative society      05/2012 until now as a par time UAE.


  • Managing the accounting team and carrying out the tasks required of recording and posting all entries to reach the monthly trial balance and from it to the quarterly profit and lost and then the financial position at the end of the year.


  • Submitting financial reports to the members of the board of directors, which are presented with financial analysis and technical advice to raise the efficiency of the organization and achieve the best profitability.


  • Follow-up with the external audit office, as well as the internal audit from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, to ensure the correctness of the accounting standards used in registration and deportation.


  • Follow up the cash flow, bank deposits and checks received and paid on a daily basis.


  • Submitting a daily report to the Managing Director on the movement of sales, purchases and inventory.


  • Submitting a monthly summary of the financial position, profits and losses and the income statement with an analysis of revenues and expenses.


  • Analyzing inventory items and identifying the most profitable and best-selling items.



-Finance Manager Assistant at Ras Al khaimah Poultry & feeding co.       

05/2009 until now in   UAE.


  • Senior Accountant and Head of Revenue Accounting Department.


  • Submitting monthly and quarterly financial reports to the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.


  • Preparing cost and revenue analysis reports for review and board members.


  • Building and preparing the estimated budget for each year through coordination with all internal departments.


  • Carrying out all the tasks of the accounts to reach the quarterly budget.


  • Dealing with bank accounts and checking cash receipts for all branches.


  • Completion of the daily entries required to reach the monthly trial balance.


  • A comprehensive audit of the general ledger for all customers, following up and checking all sales prices for each customer separately, and ensuring their integrity.


  • Follow-up and control of sales representatives and the collection of daily cash and checks received. Settlement of bank accounts on a monthly basis.


-General Accountant at Al Bitra co. for coring and drilling  09/2008    UAE.


  • Processing monthly wages and salaries and recording purchases of raw materials.


  • Recording daily entries and posting to the general ledger and preparing the income statement.


  • Collection and audit of cash receipts and deposited in the bank.


  • Posting in all accounting books and records.




  - Accountant at Egypt ministry of Alaokaf        2007/2008.                                        


  •  Calculating salaries and work wages for 6000 workers, including calculating deductions from taxes, insurance and pensions in a manual way.


  • Calculating the monthly bonuses and incentives for the concerned departments.



  •  Coordination with the accounts of the General Bureau regarding end-of-service benefits.






 - Accountant at Dodi Soiree Company         as a par time 2007/2008 


• Recording and checking cash receipts for all branches.

• Processing all accounts for the chartered accountant.

• Processing and controlling the documentary movement of the sections.

• Cashier with the record of receipts and payments.

• Salaries and wages of workers productivity and registration of the movement of purchases.


- Accountant under training at (Naser Fteha Accounting office )   while studying 2005/2006     


• Auditing the accounts of clients from different companies.

• Carrying out the daily restrictions.

• Processing of the general ledger.

• Reviewing the integrity of the balance sheet assessed by clients.

• Verify the integrity of the income statement data submitted by clients.

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