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Senior Operations and General Management executive leveraging more than 27 years of top-level profit and Loss responsibility and managing complex operations in the Hospitality services worldwide (Sultanate of Oman, UAE, Africa, Jordan, Iraq, India).Competent in budgeting and forecasting,monitoring and developing staff performances, overseeing service quality and operational efficiency and monitoring sales and marketing initiatives while ensuring compliance with DM, Impeccable integrity and work ethic. Building strong teams and efficient systems to positively impact the businesses, growth and downsizing impact.


BA economics 

hotel management 




Display remarkable skills in identifying and closing new business, expanding existing business, and winning customer retention and loyalty. Accustomed to completing projects within established timeline that greatly impacted bottom-line results.


Skilled in all aspects of hospitality operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies, budgeting and forecasting of sales and revenue, monitoring payroll, food and beverage cost controls, analyzing performance trends, scheduling staff and management meetings.

Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through generation of in-depth reports, group speaking and presentation skills, extensive public relations, and the ability to interact productively with individuals from all background. 

Visionary and decisive leader, noted for practical management style, and proven ability to lead, support and motivate large teams to achieve pre-defined business objectives, contributing to consistent business and profit growth

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