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jurie jane

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About me:

I have an extensive experience of supervising plant personnel and providing guidance and assistance to them. I ensure the smooth flow of manufacturing and production activities. I was able to minimize fatigue of workers through proper manpower scheduling and line balancing of products             to be produced, continuously find ways to improve the department based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the company.  Practice lean manufacturing, ensure maximization of existing resources to avoid idle time and wastages, produced right quantity and quality of products that will surely satisfy the customers and thus contributed to the growth of the company.           


Bachelo of Science in Industrial Engineering



Katrina Sweets and Confectionery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FOOD SAFETY OFFICER cum PERSON-IN CHARGE (PIC)                                          Apr. 2015-June 13, 2021

Responsible for ensuring food safety in the workplace. Assist with the assessment of the facilities’ pre-requisite programs, records, policies, and procedures to ensure that food safety objectives are met and remain in compliance with the government and ISO 2200-2005 HACCP requirements. Monitors staff’s attendance including monthly attendance summary for production, warehouse, and sanitation departments and responsible for the preparation of manpower schedule in accordance with each department’s requirements 


Earth Grain Inc., (Goldilocks Davao)- Philippines

PRODUCTION MANAGER                                                                           Oct. 2012-Apr. 2015

Involve with planning, leading, organizing and control of manufacturing processes. Ensure that goods are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quantity. Strategically plan an increase in the company’s productivity by making use of the available resources (manpower-production managers 1 and production crew, machines, materials). Monitor and review the performance of staff.


Earth Grain Inc., (Goldilocks Davao)- Philippines

PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL OFFICER                                                  March 13 ’10-Oct. 10, 2012

Plan/forecast the products to be produced in accordance with the forecasted demands of customers. Controlled production and its buffer to minimize overtime and maximize the existing resources. Provide relevant data to other departments that will aid in making the departmental plans and programs. 


EARTH GRAIN INC. (Goldilocks Davao)-Philippines

PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR                                                                 Oct. 21 ’03-Mar. 12 ‘10

Assigned in almost all departments of production from packaging, filling/storeroom/measuring, icing (rolls and rush cakes, premium cakes) and baking (breads, pastries, and cakes). Plans, directs, and controls manufacturing processes. Ensures that targets of the company are met without sacrificing the quality of the product as well as the welfare of the people. I made it a point that existing resources are utilized.



TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (Mar. 21 ’03-Oct. 20 ‘03)

Prepare and implements necessary documentation of the company for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/HACCP and ISO 9001 certification.



INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER (Oct. ’02-Mar. 20 ‘03)

             Gathers data, investigates, and makes recommendations to streamline the process, improve working conditions of personnel and proper disposal of chemicals and wastes. Prepare job descriptions and work instructions of all positions in the company as well as the production process flow.

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