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About me:

  • Strongly focused on the ability to complete tasks accurately in a fast-paced environment with conflicting deadlines.
  • Accomplished and hard-working [Civil Site Engineer] with a strong reputation for working independently and sustaining consistently high productivity levels.
  • Proficient at-risk assessment, maintaining safety gear, and terrain evaluation.
  • To utilize my knowledge in a positive way with an optimistic approach with the Commitment to my career organization and to Humanity in my concern field.
  • Friendly Site Engineer with hands-on experience constructing commercial and residential buildings.
  • Strong knowledge of all federal, local, and state building codes.
  • Skilled at planning, drawing, and implementing layouts for projects.


Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering)  Preston University Kohat-2015

Diploma of Associate Engineering(Civil) BTE, KP- 2010

Secondary School Certificate (Science) BISE Bannu- 2007

Quantity Survey Certificate (NAVTEC) Islamabad Pak

NIBOSH-IGC-1 QHSE Dubai 2021 Inprogress


Position: Civil Site Engineer
Location: Taweelah Power Plant & Water Distillation Complex Abu Dhabi
• Civil Repair and Maintenance Operation Al Taweelah Power Plant & Water Complex Taweelah, Period Jan 2017 till to date Job description Duties & Responsibilities
• Assisting the project and improving performance and productivity with proper resource allocation and utilization.

1. Seawater intake, Cable tranches repairing and waterproofing, all civil facilities repairing and renovation activities.
2. Recording the attendance of workers on daily basis and reporting to the engineer in charge every morning.
3. Read & understand drawing to guide Technical teams like Mason, Steel fixers, Carpenters, Tiler & Helper, etc.
4. Estimation and supervision for all types of finishing work and Masonry work as per actual site conditions.
5. Responsible for the selection of proper material depending on the application of masonry work.
6. Make sure Jobs are allotted as per planned Schedule and requirement
7. Ensuring the work is executed as per the drawings and the right schedule
8. Provide guidelines for the proper use of masonry equipment & tools with safety.
9. Supervise for proper mixing of cement, plaster, and adequate proportion
10. Prepare accurate reports of performed work daily, weekly & monthly and submission to the engineer in charge.
11. Provide technical assistance to the construction team as needed
12. Monitor, verify and document the work being performed through subordinates
13. Coordination and Close Monitoring of Subcontractor works
14. Coordinating with the site in charge of work progress.
15. Preparing material requests for various projects.
16. Preparing various Inquiry/RFQ site visit reports.
17. Coordinate with the engineers & supervisors to update regarding the progress.
18. Coordination with MEP Supervisor (team) to avoid any double work.
19. Keeping a record of material delivered and informing engineers in charge in advance of the required materials.
20. Receiving the material at the site with ensuring that LPO IS Attached and material is complying with MR.
21. Ensuring that timesheet for each month is to be provided to the site coordinator on time.
22. Keeping proper manpower transfer records.
23. Notifying the engineer in charge of any potential obstacles on site which can delay the work.
24. As per operational requirements employees may be deployed in any of the emirates and may be assigned to a different department if and when required.

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