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Dear Sir,

I Balaraman, i am worked  in India & gulf since ‘1994 having a wide experience in the field of CAD DRAFTSMAN Civil & Marine Infrastructure Projects and Heavy Lift, Since 2006 worked in Gulf Countries (Oman, UAE & Bahrain) and presently working in Bahrain as a Cad Draftsman (Civil / Marine). 

It would be worthwhile for us to discuss further and am prepared for an interview of any sort. Should you have any questions before that time, you may reach me via email. feel free to call me on my mobile 00971 56 9875 241.

At this Movement I would like to look for better chances, 

So hereby I enclose my detailed CV.

Thanking you,

K Balaraman

Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

00971 56 9875241

0091 999 482 6215 (INDIA)


I have 27 years’ experience in the construction field of Marine, Land Developments, Civil, Mechanical and Heavy Lift Design and Drafting and also doing in project coordination, Estimation & Procurement. This includes offshore & onshore works for Island developments, Jetties,  Breakwater, Ports & Fisheries Harbour works, Beach developments, Nuclear power projects, RCC & steel structures, roads and bridges, bar bending schedule preparations, HVAC, EPC, designing & scheme preparations of heavy lift vessels erection for vessels & column using auto cad & supporting software.


Reporting to the project manager I have personally handled and controlled drawing documentation and their distribution, been involved in discussions with clients and consultants for preparatory work, modifications, approval of design drawing, bar bending schedules, detailed drawings, profile drawings, quantity calculations.


Marine Works (Civil & Marine)

  1. Preparation of Construction & AS built drawings Port, Harbour & Breakwater in plan, cross sections and profiling
  2. Preparation of Jetty Proposals, Pilling works, shore protection, seawalls, breakwater, cross sections and profiling
  3. Preparation of methodology drawing  to submit to consultants and approvals
  4. Preparation of Piling /Quay wall lifting plan, co-ordinates, fender & fender fixing details, bollard details. etc
  5. Preparation of working and detailed drawing
  6. Artificial beach developments (profiling and quantity calculation)
  7. RCC detailing drawing and bar bending schedule
  8. Survey plotting and site requirements
  9. Progress report updating in day wise, every week and every quarter.
  10. Placing sequence and lifting schemes for core loc (1.3, 1.6, 2.0 cum) and 30t quay wall blocks
  11. Quantity calculation every activity as per design quantity & variation quantity and as built quantity
  12. Tubular pile (Dia 914 /716) piling sequence drawing preparations.


Nuclear Power Project (Civil and Mechanical Drawings)

  1. Preparation of structural detailing drawings, working drawing, liner plates design schemes, shuttering scheme, reinforcement coupler proposals, liner plates supporting structure, fabrication development schemes, progress, reports updating and all other activities drg. Prepared as per site requirement / submission and approval drawings. 
  2. Sequential construction drawings & Pour plan for every structure
  3. Temporary dyke schemes, alignment drawings, etc.,
  4. Breakwater cross section preparation of actual profile, theoretical profile with avg. OGL and required OGL
  5. Progress report updating in every week and every quarter.
  6. Tetrapod’s (5 - 20 ton) placing schemes preparation at 2 km length at breakwater with 13 t block placing on top.
  7. Schemes preparing at bridge detailing, working drawings, pour plan & etc.

Road & bridge project (Civil)

  1. Shop drawing, Design drawing, Construction Drawing and AS Built drawings preparation of flyovers, subways, bridge detailing, slab culverts, Hume pipe culverts, siphon culverts and retaining walls.
  2. Bar bending schedule preparations for bridges, flyover, Subways, Slab culverts, pipe culverts, Drain, RCC chambers, retaining walls & all other RCC structures.
  3. Preparation of road alignments, junction details, revised profile drawing, drains details.
  4. Road alignment preparation of truck lay bay, service roads, Drains
  5. Concrete and RCC quantity calculation for all structures (bridges, flyover, subways, pipe culvert and slab culverts & drain)
  6. Preparation of Road cross sections, working drawing, design modification, Survey profiling plotting
  7. Quantity calculated on culvert & Bridges
  8. Take off quantity calculation doing for materials for procurement

Heavy Lift Erection (Civil and Mechanical Drawings)

  1. Preparation of heavy lift erection designing scheme using heavy capacity ringer / crawler / super lift configuration. Cranes, strand jack system, boom derrick etc.,
  2. Preparation of tendering drawing for heavy lift erection
  3. Sequence of erection schemes, Heavy Crane road access & Hardstand area.
  4. Methodology for erection scheme drawings
  5. Crane access way drawing
  6. Structural, RCC detail drawing preparation of as per instruction of civil designer

Building & structure (civil)

  1. Execution for double storied residential building
  2. Preparation of architectural drawing for residential building and flats

Take off Quantity Estimation / Material Procurement

  1. Quantity Estimation, Ordering & Procurement for all materials
  2. Follow up all materials status for Delivery at site
  3. Take off Quantity Submitting to Head of Purchase Dept. with Tech. Specification and Drawings
  4. Material to be Approval from consultant
  5. Co-ordinate with supplier for Delivery materials

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