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Lanelle Ladero

Lanelle Ladero

Junior Interior Designer
Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي
$20 / hour
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About Lanelle Ladero:

🌟 Exploring the World of Design

Greetings! I'm a recent interior design graduate, brimming with creative energy and a passion for crafting spaces that resonate with beauty and purpose.

💡 From Pixels to Reality: Unleashing Creativity

My academic journey was a thrilling exploration of design's many facets. Armed with an artist's eye and an analyst's mind, I'm prepared to transform blank spaces into stories waiting to be told.

🎨 The Power of 3D Rendering

In the digital realm, I've mastered the art of 3D rendering. Using tools like SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop, I've brought designs to life, helping clients step into their visions before they're built. From graphic design transformations to realistic house visualizations, I've made ideas tangible.

🔨 Design Beyond the Blueprint

But design isn't confined to screens. I'm eager to dive into the tangible realm – crafting spaces with my own hands, understanding the minutiae of construction, and molding the finest details.

🌟 Challenges Ignite Growth

While accolades await, my journey isn't without victories. With every obstacle, I've grown and innovated, seeing each project as a chance to learn and leave a unique mark on the design world.

🏢 Morfosis and Beyond: Shaping Experiences

My path began with Morfosis, where I unlocked the practical side of design during my internship. Guided by mentors, I discovered the delicate balance between aesthetics and function. Beyond academia, I've collaborated with international businesses, honing my creative edge.

🌏 A Global Vision: Shaping Spaces Across Cultures

Participating in the Asia Interior Design Institute Association (AIDIA) International Student Workshop was transformative. Collaborating with peers from diverse countries like Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines, we breathed life into ideas. The result? Visual marvels that redefine urban spaces.

🌟 Leadership and Learning

Leadership roles, like President of our school's interior design organization, taught me invaluable teamwork and communication skills. Navigating diverse dynamics, I've learned to lead, listen, and create harmonious environments.

🚀 Join the Journey

As I embark on this exciting trajectory, I invite you to journey alongside me. Let's redefine spaces, tell stories, and create environments that stir hearts. Connect with me – together, let's turn imagination into reality.


I am an accomplished freelancer specializing in graphic design and 3D visualization, with a career spanning 3 years and 4 months. My role includes providing remote design services for a diverse clientele, collaborating with a small design business based in Adelaide, Australia, for 2 years and ongoing. My responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of design projects, such as crafting wedding invitations, social media content, magazine layouts, website designs, and PowerPoint presentations. I excel in creating mockups, contributing to branding initiatives, and leveraging my illustration skills to produce custom graphics. Additionally, I operate my own freelance practice, adeptly managing clients, crafting mockups, and delivering exceptional 3D models for interior designers. My proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and Sketchup underpins my creative prowess. Notably, I've showcased my expertise by delivering a seminar on graphic design at a prestigious university in the Philippines. Having undertaken impactful 3D visualization projects for clients in the US, I take pride in translating design concepts into visually stunning representations. While yet to receive formal promotions or awards, I am honored to have shared my insights with aspiring designers and received recognition for my educational contribution. Embarking on this journey at 18, I am particularly proud of the multifaceted skill set I've cultivated, encompassing project management, execution, and a thriving freelance career.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the University of the East, where I graduated with honors as Cum Laude, achieving a remarkable GPA of 1.43. During my academic journey, I honed my skills through hands-on experiences, including an internship at Morfosis Design, a renowned Interior Design company in the Philippines. Additionally, I played a significant role in the Asia Interior Design Institute Association (AIDIA) International Student Workshop, translating conceptual ideas into impactful visualizations, models, and presentations aimed at urban enhancement, particularly in Seoul. These immersive experiences have enriched my abilities in design, visualization, and project collaboration.

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