Mohammed alkhazraji M

Mohammed alkhazraji

Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Based on the authenticated information in my resume , you will find me a strong self-motivated driven to talent leader, that can define a fast adaptation to change and representation of own culture, also you will find me a very passionate individual, that always thrive to reach excellence. I am a strong believer that every opportunity in life is either aimed to contribute benefit or to gain knowledge, and that is why I am confident of my ability, in being able to grasp any senior challenging position with positivity, which can support the move for development, growth and innovation for my country.



Master of Science: Innovation and Change Management

Hamdan Bin Mohammed E-University - UAE

  • CAPSTONE: The impact of new work methodology and innovation on NO Objection Certificate System (NOC) in Abu Dhabi Emirate Entities



During my above 16 years of work experience in IT, business excellence ,Digital Transformation, Operation Management, Project and performance Management framework , methodology and business needs. Strong understanding of different work systems , I have developed a very strong interest in business management and strategy, which resulted in a naturally curved ability to coordinate approaches that oversee and intuitively recognize risk and opportunities, that sustain a competitive and well balanced environment to utilize every opportunity and learning knowledge, for the benefit of a task or an objective

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