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About me:

I have nearly 11years in Human Resources Management, Payroll and Leave Management, Public Relations Officer, Administration, besides others.

I was last associated with Belhasa International Group, Dubai-UAE, as HR and Administrative Coordinator. I believe I meet all the essential criteria for the position. A summary of my experience and key accomplishments includes the following:

  • Displayed excellence in the issuance of visas such as USA, UK, Schengen and other countries; instituted best HR practices on Payroll Management and Performance Management
  • Proven success in reviewing and making recommendations on policy issues regarding best facility management practice with appropriate discipline and a positive working environment within the organization.
  • Successfully led Personnel, Resource, Material and Financial Management of security setup and played a key role in setting up the administration framework.


Bachelor Degree


1- Human Resources Management

2- Payroll and Leave Management

3- Performance Management
4- Public Relations Officer
5- Office Administration
6- Fleet Management

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