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About me:

A competent Finance professional with more than nine years of progressive experience in banking i.e. Trade Finance Operations with extensive knowledge of Import and Export documentation handling Compliance, Control Processes and Procedures. Proven expertise in routine assessing and meeting the financial needs of various individual & business customers while, primarily focusing on applying knowledge of financial products & investment packages to offer existing and new customers. Adroit in Documentary Credits (Advising and Confirmations) and Collections in International Trade, Export & Import - Documentation under Letter of Credit, Payments & Acceptances and Post Shipment & Pre - Shipment Finance. Thorough knowledge of SWIFT MT 202/103, MT 700/ 760/ 202/ 700/ 103/ 202/ 799, ICC publications UCP600, ISBP & URR725. Deft at managing development and execution of policies and procedures designed to adapt the business changes in regulation




  • Administering the documents under LC, quoting discrepancies, Issuance of SBLC and SBLC loans for import clients as per FEMA guidelines, buyer’s credit and LC payments
  • Authenticating LC and imports payment transactions like Advising ,Issuance & Amendments
  • Routing and authorizing SWIFT MT202, MT700,MT760
  • Ensuring adherence to the agreed turnaround time (TAT) on various deliverables
  • Processing Forex transactions by reporting to the treasury 
  • Responsible for ensuring  a positive customer experience by resolving their queries if any 

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