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Nazrul Islam

Dubai, دبي


About Nazrul Islam:

An astute and result oriented professional with over 20 years of experience encompassing in Shipping / Marine Operations. Proficient in overseeing the entire shipping operations, encompassing Berthing / Un-berthing maneuvering; System , Planning; Cargo operation’s; Operations & Maintenance; Implementation; Regulations and Relationship with Management, organizing Effective communication with excellent negotiation skills, with strong leadership qualities and analytical power, thorough professional with strong planning, interpersonal skills with abilities in liaising with people at all levels in the organization.

Marine Personnel & Administration Superintendent


Dubai Maritime city Authority (DMCA)UAE,      January 2015 until Date.


Marine Surveyor (QHSE, Marine Operations Dept.) at Present


Dubai Maritime City Authority play a major and leading role in regulating and addressing all maritime-related activities, challenges and business needs for both the local and global maritime audiences alike. These laws task Dubai Maritime City Authority to enhance Dubai's position in the maritime industry and oversee the development of maritime sectors such as maritime services, maritime management, licensing of vessels, chartering of vessels, maritime and educational research, design and building of vessels, maritime shipment organization, maritime exhibition, conferences, training and workshops, maritime tourism and maritime specialized arbitration.


Selected Job Responsibilities:



  •  Conducted various surveys/Inspections for P&I clubs & Insurance companies of international repute on all types of vessels
  •  Conducted various surveys/audits including pre-charter inspection, on/off hire surveys for off-shore service providers
  • Conducted pre-purchase & charterers’ inspection.
  • Prepared Quality documentation for offshore marine companies.
  • Responsible for the Development for the Marine activities in Dubai waters.
  • Approval for organizing any marine activity/event in Dubai water by assessment.
  • Approving and Monitoring Bunkering, STS and Heavy Lift Operations in Dubai waters.
  • Issuing approval to all offshore venders for their activities such as hot work, various ship repairs, after carefully checking their profiles and procedures.
  • Educating the Marinefraternity for safetyto ensure that the stakeholders get the safetyculture in the fleet of vessel and zero accident in Dubai water.
  • Bench marking with international maritimeorganization. Monitor offshorereclamation, dredging projectand Heavy lift operations.
  •  Conduct Safety Marine Incident Investigation to prevent future accidents through the ascertainment of its causes and circumstances. Monitor, manage, and enforce wreckage removal in Dubai Waters.


Overseas AST LLC UAE. (March 2014-January 2015)

 Port Captain / Barge Captain


Company Owns and Operates 39 various sizes vessels which includes Accommodation barge up to 200 passengers/Jack up barges

OSV = Offshore Support Vessels/DSV=Diving support vessel PSV=platform supply Vessel/Survey Vessels/Multi-Role Vessel (MRV) Main Tow Tugs/Multi-Purpose Tug Boats

Diving support vessels/Maintenance Vessels

Crew boat/passenger boat up to 40 passenger/Push Boats Barges/Self-propelled Barges

Responsibilities include:


As Port Captain, Provide leadership and direction to the company offshore shipping department, Port Captain with sound academic background and diversified experience in shipping industry. Planned, implemented and managed company activity. Demonstrated ability in strategic planning and successful implementation of startup projects in Middle East, Abu Dhabi (SARB ISLAND oil project) liaising and coordinating between Owners, Managers, Flag Administrations and ADMA (Abu Dhabi marine Authority) bridging between marine and the site to clear the vessels and ensure smooth operation. Updating general Managers on the progress on daily basis, attend meetings with the client and the site to ensure safe operation and the interest of the company.


Selected Job Responsibilities:


  1. Provides support to marine & technical related matters with prime function for planning and coordinating the inspections requirements of all our fleet vessels, tugs and the barges utilized on the company business
  2. Keeping track of vesselsinspections and the upkeep of an auditabledatabase of all inspections. Adviseon vessels procurement and spare parts requirements and placing orders in timely manners
  3. Participates in negotiation on procurements of new vessels and the contract. Follow up the vessels inspections and the certifications. Conducting acceptance interviews for the on signer’s crew and the officers with themultinationals
  4. Maintain completeset valid class & Flag state certificates for Barges, supply vessels,Tugboats as per ISM requirements.
  5. Report details of all jobs and activities relative to DP vessel surveys to the DP marinesuperintendent.
  6. Coordinate with the regulatory authorities for surveys & inspections to be conducted within the defined period.
  7.  Ensure that all fleet vessels are equipped with necessary lifesaving appliances & firefighting equipment and ensure that all are in good operating condition.
  8.  Ensure all vessels personnel comply with regulatory training requirements as per standards of DP training, certificates & watch keeping (STCW) 95 and client requirement.
  9.  Ensure that the required work force is available on the fleetvessels at all times to execute scope of work in a safe & efficient manner.
  10. Direct crewmembers & ensure safety measures are adhered to as per company’s HSE policy/ procedures.


11)  Attend Port State, Client & MWS (Marine Warranty Survey) inspections are required .

 12)  Ensure the daily smooth operations of all vessels during the execution of the offshore projects on a daily basis. 

 13)  Ensure that all fleet vessels are stocked with the required navigation charts, navigational publication, stationeries, ISM manuals, client’s instructions, client manuals, & Field Charts.

 14)  Carry out inspections on DP vessels to ensure compliance with IMCA & Client standards.

  15)  Compliance in accordance with company codes, IMO (International Maritime Organization) & HSE Standards. 

 16)  To transmit  navigational   information to   aid  a   ship   in  difficult   navigational or Metrological circumstances or in case of defects or deficiencies to avoid accidents. 





Navigating officer to Master (Various Cargo ships) May 1994 till March 2014 


Sea carrier started as Cadet/Third Officer/Second Officer/Chief Officer/Master in different shipping well-known companies like Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, MSC Ship Management Hong Kong and Far East Ship Management Hong Kong, which manage / operates various type of ships. oo


Selected Job Responsibilities 


Started working from third mate to Master at various stage different roles were there, below mentioned roles are as a rank of Master. Safe Navigation, ship handling, cargo stowage, and also the ship’s accounts and the crew’s wages. He is directly responsible for all certification as it pertains to the ship, whether from the Flag State (the country who’s flag the ship flies), Classification Society (like Lloyds, etc.) or any other. The Captain also communicates with shore authorities on any commercial or other matters, including in response to oil spills or other accidents. After the World Trade Centre attacks, a new onerous duty has been added to all of these- the Captain is responsible for the security of the ship as well. Effective management of vessel crew, ISM implementation on ship. - Maintaining proper watches,   - Maintaining vessel logs for company and customer,   - Maneuvering vessel in port at various docks and offshore at various offshore facilities,   - General navigation of vessel,  - Overseeing enforcement of and adherence to all company policies and procedures on board  - To encourage and motivate his crew to carry out their duties in accordance with instructions laid down in the QHSE manuals.   - The Master has the overall responsibility for reporting in accordance with laws and regulation. 

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