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Sahla Palath

Dubai, دبي

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About me:

I am Sahla Rafi, an aspiring architect currently working as an Architect in Dubai.

I am seeking an opportunity to learn and train myself along the lines of your company and to better myself as a worthy employee.

Driven with passion, I find myself addicted to gaining knowledge and extreme exposure to real life encounters. I wish to find myself growing, true and sincere to the term architect.

I am a fast learner, adapt and develop my skills quickly in order to never pull the team down. I am eager to learn to my utmost capacity and be sure to mold myself with the extensive knowledge. 

I have, for the past few years, envisioned architecture in the lines of poetry. I push myself to see new boundaries, new perspectives, force myself to feel the world from the places of different people and this enables my creativity. 

I have actively taken part in many competitions, both architectural and poetry and they have left me wanting for more. I thrive for the pressure of deadlines and find it all so worthwhile to see the outcome. 


I hold a bachelor's degree in Architecture and Design, from Manipal University situated in the Dubai Academy City. 


Years of hands on experience with the company introduced me to various challenges in the fields of masterplanning, residential and commercial projects.

It has widened my perspective and greatly added on to my experience. While designing from the conceptual stage, I was mentored under senior architects at the firm that was later developed to reality.

Had the pleasure of working with clients and being on the site, always on the move and meeting people from the field.


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