Sarah Mohamed

Sarah Mohamed

Dubai, دبي

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About me:

I am a hard-working, always puts the needs of my patients at the forefront of everything I do.

I am a confident and decisive decision-maker. I also have intelligent interpersonal skills that allow me to demonstrate the right levels of empathy with patients in appropriate time.

I am also someone who can work collaboratively with other medical staff and hospital workers to continually deliver the best levels of patient care at all times.

Finally, By virtue of my work in a large university hospital such as Abu Al-Rish Children's Hospital (one of the Cairo University Hospitals),

I learned how to deal with stressful situations efficiently Without dereliction my duties towards patients


M.Sc. Degree , ( Master of Pediatrics and Neonatology )  

Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University , Egypt 

January, ( 2021 )  

Grade : Very Good  


M.B, B.Ch. Degree “ Bachelor of Medicine , Bachelor of Surgery “ 

Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University , Egypt 

November, (2014) 

Grade :Excellent with honor  


Work Experience:  

Children Hospital (Abu-Elrish), Cairo University (from Sep 2020) Cairo– Egypt.  Working as pediatric teaching assistant full time  

In Pediatric wards, outpatient clinics and ER.

Children Hospital (Abu-Elrish), Cairo University (Aug 2016 – Oct, 2019) Cairo– Egypt.  Working as a pediatric resident full time. In Pediatric wards , ER and NICU & PICU. Responsiblities have been graded according to years of residency.   I worked for 14 months in the pediatric wards and the ER, 4 months in NICU, 4 months in PICU and 12 months in pediatric subspecialities ( endocrinology, GIT & Endoscopy, nutrition, immunology and nephrology).

House Officer, Cairo University Hospital, Cairo –Egypt (2015-2016)


Rotating intern: OBS/GYNA (2 months), Internal medicine (2 months), General Surgery (2  months), Pediatrics (2 months), Industrial medicine (1 month),Cancer surgery (1 month)  Emergency and Anaesthesia (2 months). (Certified) 

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