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Tamuka  Guzha


حول Tamuka Guzha :

I'm a self-motivated and reliable technician looking for an opportunity for career growth within my field of expertise and adding value within an organisation.


01/2019 - Present Diesel Plant Fitter
Technical Drilling & Blasting Co. LLC
Working on the following machanical equipment / drill rigs 
Atlas Copco D50, Atlas Copco T35 and T40, Sandvik Ranger DX 700 and DX 800, Everdigm ECD 
35E and ECD 45E
Performing routine and non‑routine mechanical maintenance activities, servicing, breakdown 
work and problem analysis to meet both daily and long term safety and machine reliability 
Undertaking minor project work to improve equipment efciency, performance and safety.
Reviewing work procedures, planned maintenance and provide feedback to ensure the 
maintenance system remains current and relevant.
Responding to after hours service as required.
Assisting in the development of work plans to effectively complete assigned jobs including 
tools, equipment and spare parts.
Identifying, initiate and implement equipment improvement opportunities.
Utilising the computer based maintenance system to record work history and spares used.
Complying with all safety procedures and house keeping standards.
Performing engine rebuilds CAT C7
Disassembling and assembling of compressors on drill rigs
Disassembling and assembling of drifters (COP 1840, HL700, EHD210RP)
12/2016 - 11/2018 Diesel Plant Fitter
Trojan Mine - Tool Man
Worked underground on the following equipment EJC 417 Dump Truck, Femel Dump Truck and 
Toro 301 LHD
Determining all plant and machinery condition by conducting inspections and using provided 
check list and diagnostic test, identifying worn and damaged components.
Correcting all plant equipment and machinery defciencies by removing, repairing and 
adjusting, overhauling, assembling, disassembling and replacing major assemblies, 
sub‑assemblies, components, parts or systems such as power drive trains, basic electrical 

components, fuel emissions, brake, steering, hydraulics, making adjustments and alignments 
included bearing preloading, gear tooth pattern contact, valve mechanism, control linkages, 
clutch and traction units.
Verify all plant and machinery performance by contacting test drives and adjusting controls 
and systems as necessary.
Keeping equipment in optimal work conditions by following operating instructions, 
troubleshooting breakdowns, maintaining supplies, performing preventive maintenance and 
calling for repairs.
Recording all repairs service and all work done on the plant, spares and lubricants used for 
maintenance on the equipment and plant
Keeping supplies and lubricants ready by making an inventory of stock, placing orders for 
Complying with safety requirements by testing engines for safety and emission control 
Housekeeping and bay maintenance.
Responsible for enforcing health, safety and environmental policies and ensuring life saving 
rules such as isolation and lockout, working on heights, working in confned spaces are with 
done safely with the help of relevant permits, hazard identifcation and risk assessment (HIRA).
09/2015 - 02/2016 Diesel Plant Fitting Training / Apprenticeship
R&S Diesel Pro
Worked under the supervision of a qualifed diesel plant ftter/technician exclusively on the 
following engines (Deutz ‑ F3L912, BF4M1011, BF4L2011, BF4M2012), (Benz 906, 926), (Detroit 
Series 60) and the duties carried out were as follows
Component identifcation and cleaning components
Using precision measurement tools such plastic gauge, telescopic gauge, dail test indicator 
(DTI), microscrew gauge, vanier calliper and fller gauges. to measure clearances, bore 
diameter, end foat, blacklash of timing gears
Measuring crankshaft end foat
Measure bore diameters
Measuring oil clearances between cam shaft and cam journals
Measuring tappet clearances
Rebuilding engines
Testing engine performance against with use of a dynamometer
Using software based programs to test parameters as specifed by the manufacturer (OEM)
Pop testing injectors
09/2014 - 09/2016 Diesel Plant Fitting Training / Apprenticeship
Sandvik Mining and Construction Company of Zimbabwe
Worked on the following equipment and components (Dump Truck TH230, Front end loader 
LH209, Drill Rig DD210) and conducted feld services under the supervision of a skilled artesian/
technician to carry out the following duties
Conducting planned task observations (PTO)
Carrying out preventive, scheduled and condition based plant maintenance procedures.
Assembling of axles.
Brakes and fnal drive overhauls.
Assembling of hydraulic control valves, hydraulic motors (swing, track, fan, wheel motors) and 
hydraulic pumps (fxed and variable displacement) pumps.
Hydraulic system troubleshooting with the aid of hydraulic schematics.
Installation of track chains and maintenance of undercarriage.
Rebuilding equipment/machinery
Disassembling and assembling of differentials (limited slip differential, posi torque differential)

Disassembling and assembling of torque converters
Disassembling and assembling of drifters (hydraster/HL 200, HLX5, HL300, Rotary head)
Disassembling of dump truck TH230
Disassembling of drill rig DD210
08/2012 - 09/2014 Diesel Plant Fitting Technician Training / Apprenticeship
Dunstan Transport
Worked under the supervision of a qualifed skilled diesel plant ftter/technician working on the 
following equipment (Caterpillar front end loaders 920, 930, 928F, 950D) (Caterpillar graders 
120G, 140G), (Caterpillar bull dozers D8R, D8L), (Hyundai front end loader HL770), (Hyundai 
excavators ROBEX 210, 320) and the duties carried out were as follows
Overhauling engines, transmissions, hydraulic components, installation of track chains and 
overhauling the undercarriage.
Diagnosis of machinery, fault fnding and correction of fault.
Cleaning of equipment and equipment components.
Basic care of equipment.
Daily prechecks of machinery before the shift.
Brakes overhauling.
Cutting of bolts using gas welding.


National Certificate of Diesel Plant Fitting 

Class one journey man card 

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