Thanaa Kaddour

Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am an architect, passionate and always striving to develop myself and increase my experience in my field of work and related fields by following up on architectural developments and doing courses that develop my skills in engineering programs, project management and building materials.

I have more than 3 years of work experience, during which I learned the requirements of architectural design, follow-up implementation, solve architectural problems, set project schedules and bills of quantities, and coordinate the tasks of the engineering team to complete the work in the best quality and in the least time and in coordination with the rest of the other engineering disciplines.


I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from the International University of Science and Technology in Damascus with a very good rate of 3.18/4 GPA , and I got second place in the unified engineering exam at the level of Syria with a rate of 77%.
I completed my master's studies in department of Construction and Implementation Sciences at the Faculty of Architecture at Damascus University with a rate of 83% and now I'm in the thesis stage .
I also did many architectural courses, project management courses and the English language


I worked for more than 3 years in the fields of architecture and teaching.
I worked as an architect designer from 2020 to 2021 using design programs such as AutoCAD, Max V-Ray and  Lumion , and I also taught at Damascus University as an assistant engineer for building construction subject during the same period.
I have experience in supervising the technical staff, following up on site work, receiving works according to specifications, preparing conditions books, and counting quantities, in addition to dealing with contractors and workers during my work at the University of the Levant as a supervising engineer from 3/2019 - 7/2020 . Before that, I worked as an assistant architect doing architectural design in the office of Eng. Talaat Al-Absi for the year 2017-2019 .

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