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4 years ago

Here's Why I'm Missing My Honey - Paradigm Shift !

šŸ Fatima G. Williams Ā· Living in Dubai I never take alot of time off work for a holiday. With my sister in town this past year I take advantage of the situation and give myself alot of breaks. My weekend spent only for family and friends. I've been reading alot of books drastically reducing my onscreen ...

4 years ago

My World of bees, Buzzes and Honey II

šŸ Fatima G. Williams Ā· I've decided to sit with My World of bees , buzzes and honey Part II Ā· Its been a while now ! Ā· I met beBee in Summer last year and fell in love with it as I was falling out of love with someone else. Ā· It filled the gap I had with a human ! Ā· I was interacting not with just one ...

5 years ago

My World of Bees, Buzzes & Honey - beBee

šŸ Fatima G. Williams Ā· I take toddler steps as Iā€™m still afraid to break my cocoon. I see these great bees buzzing around me asking me to take a step forward and not be afraid.Ā  Ā· beBee Javier and his bee-gee team tell me their building me a safe hive with loads of honey to buzz around. Get comfortabl ...

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