Abu Dhabi

    Job Opening for Specialist Pulmonology in GovernmentHospital at UAE - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Convate Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

    Default job background
    • Consulting with patients tounderstand their symptoms and healthconcerns.
    • Diagnosing and treating conditions,such as asthma, bronchitis, andemphysema.
    • Using and interpretingpulmonological exams and tests to aid in the diagnosis ofcardiopulmonary diseases and conditions, including CT scans, chestfluoroscopies, ultrasounds, andbronchoscopies.
    • Performing various specializedprocedures in order to acquire samples of the chest wall lining orthe lungs, for further analysis.
    • Providingimmunizations against preventable cardiopulmonarydiseases.
    • Maintaining detailed notes ofappointments with patients, including comments, tests and/ortreatments prescribed, and testresults.