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    Shisha Waiter - Fujairah, United Arab Emirates - Le Royal Abu Dhabi

    Le Royal Abu Dhabi
    Le Royal Abu Dhabi Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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    Full time


    Main Responsibilities

    • Follow all Marriott policies and procedures.
    • Comply with 'clean as you go' policy.
    • Practice safe work habits at all times.
    • Report to work on time and in a neat, clean and pressed uniform including name badge, Daily Basics card, pen, pad, bottle opener, lighter and pieces of cork.
    • Follow self-cashiering procedures.
    • Report problems immediately to a supervisor.
    • Prepares, sets up, and serves Shisha according to established standards and presentation.
    • Ensures that the bar is well-stocked with Shisha accessories and all necessary equipment and accessories.
    • Handles guests' concerns professionally.
    • Responsible for packing shishas, preparing the shisha bar, and generally keeping the bar areas clean.
    • Responsible for preparing charcoal needed for shisha serve and transferring it in a safe manner.
    • Coordinate with the shisha supplier and outlet supervisor in maintaining the par stock of following items.


    • Setuptherestaurantefficientlyandaccurately,includingthetables,barandanti-pasta/fishcounter
    • Activelyparticipateindailystandupbriefingsandtastepanels
    • EnsureknowledgeoftheBasicoftheDayandtheFoodandBeverageBrandStandards,andensurethesearefollowed
    • Handleanassignedstation,andleavetheflooronlyafterpermissionfromasupervisor
    • TakeandserveguestorderspromptlyandaccordingtoBrandStandards,sequenceofservice,andsalesdialogue
    • Beawareofany86items
    • Alwaysofferachoiceofsparklingorstillwater
    • Checkbackaftertwobitesofthemaincourse
    • Crumbthetableaftermaincourseorwhennecessary
    • Changetheashtrayaftertwobuttsandafterputtingdishesonthetable
    • Offerarefillwhenathirdofthedrinkisleft
    • Clearemptyglassesanddishesasnecessary
    • ServeallbeveragesinaccordancewithBrandStandardsandUseRecords
    • Answeranyguestquestionsaboutthemenuitems,dailyspecialsandbeverages,includingknowledgeoftheingredients,preparationmethodsandgarnishes.Makeappropriatesuggestionstosuitguestneedsandproactivelyup-sellitems.
    • Checkfoodbeforeservingittotheguesttoascertainthatappearance,temperatureandportionsarecorrect.
    • OperatetheMICROSsystemaccurately:
    • Ensureaccurateandinformativepunchingoforders
    • Haveanyvoidsoradjustmentsinitialedbya supervisor
    • Ensurethepromptbussingoftablesoncetheguesthasdeparted.Ensureallre-setupsoftablesareclean,stainfreeandaccurate,withspecialattentiontodetail.
    • Sidestationsmustbecleanandorganizedatalltimes.
    • Doallnecessaryset-upandsideworkassigned.
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