Logistics Manager - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Hill International, Inc.

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    Full time
    General Description of Role and Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate and liaise with Contractors, Consultants, other Stakeholders and all necessary staff in establishing and implementing Safe, Efficient and workable logistics to serve the needs of Hudayriyat East Development and other neighbouring Developments.
    • Work with all contractors, particularly dredging and marine, to ensure all necessary logistical requirements are agreed upon, coordinated, and delivered.
    • Work closely and seamlessly with the Health and Safety Teams to ensure Health and Safety provisions are considered, and the necessary risk assessments and approvals regarding Logistical activities are thoroughly reviewed as required.
    • Work with and assist Logistical Consultants in developing Plans and Systems.
    • Ensure full Logistical Coordination between all Contractors, including Marine and Dredging Contractors.
    • Assist in the development of necessary traffic management planning and facilities.
    • Ensure all Contractors' Logistical proposals are received and reviewed.
    • Ensure Coordination between Contractors in terms of Logistics and that they accord with the approved Logistics Site Plan.
    • Establish the requirements of Contractors and work with them to provide what is required safely and in full compliance with Health and Safety requirements.
    • Coordinate with Hudayriyat Central and West Development, ensuring a successfully coordinated approach to logistics.
    • Review technical submittals associated with logistics, e.g. method statements, significant movements of plant and machinery, tower cranes, mobile cranes, etc. Site possessions, coordination between all contractors, and coordination of all health and safety briefings and VIP visitor programmes.
    • Ensure Safe, Efficient and Effective Logistical Operations are in place at all times on both Land and Sea to facilitate safe and efficient Construction, Marine and Dredging activities.
    • Assist in the Development and Management of the overall Project Logistics Plan to efficiently and effectively manage the allocating and scheduling material, plant & equipment and personnel resources. The comprehensive Logistics Plan shall include but not be limited to the following:
      • Traffic movement, circulation and parking.
      • Journey management before arrival to the project site (addresses behavioural changes).
      • Permitting, operating restrictions, surrounding impacts, and dynamic influences are needed to ensure uninterrupted site deliveries and limited impact on surrounding transport infrastructure and residents.
      • Use of permanent and temporary construction roads.
      • Site offices for Contractors employed by Master Developer and sub-developers.
      • Labour camp and welfare.
      • Protection of temporary and permanent facilities.
      • Lay down and storage area for contractors' materials.
      • Integration of Construction Environment Management Plan.
      • Construction waste disposal strategy.
      • Personnel and vehicular control access process.
      • Security plan for all on-site parties, including Master Developer and Sub-Developers workforces.
    • Ensure that all facilities required under the Project Logistics Plan for safe and successful development from a logistics perspective are in place and properly administered.
    • Continuously review the Logistics Plan, including the Marine and Dredging Proposals, and recommend revisions to match the required construction programmes and activities.
    • Assist in the Development of the overall Project Logistics Guidelines.
    • Assist in preparing the overall Project Logistics Procedures and ensure implementation by Contractors and Consultants.
    • Prepare Logistics Guidelines and procedures for implementation to assist Contractors and Developers.
    • Review and approve the Logistics Plan submitted by Contractors.
    • Organize and chair any necessary meetings with Contractor's representatives to ensure established logistics plan and procedures are understood, coordinated and implemented.
    • Attend meetings with other Logistical staff from other projects to ensure safety, consistency and coordination.
    • Ensure compliance with environmental requirements at all times.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the line manager/supervisor.

    Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

    • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Construction, or equivalent.
    • At least 12 to 15 years of experience in a similar role.
    • Minimum 10 years experience in the Construction of Marine projects, with extensive experience in dealing with local authorities in Abu Dhabi (minimum 5 years).
    • Good command of the English language with good writing skills.
    • Experience in the preparation of logistics plans for large-scale projects and experience in preparing reports.
    • Excellent command of written and spoken English.