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The job duties of a general laborer vary.They may include cleaning and preparing a job site, loading anddelivering materials, and using a variety of tools and machinessuch as blowtorches, forklifts, levels, lifts, power drills,grinders, saws, pressure washers, and water spraying equipment.Laborers set up and take down ladders, scaffolding, and othertemporary structures. They help carpenters, masons, and otherspecialized contractors.

At road constructionsites, general laborers may control traffic. They set up markers,cones and barricades and may flag vehicles to control the flow oftraffic.

Generalconstruction laborers must have physical strength, hand-eyecoordination, and endurance. Laborers must also be able toconcentrate on their tasks. The ability to understand andcommunicate information is also essential. Some tools and machinesare computerized, requiring technical knowledge to use. Computerskills, estimating skills, and the ability to communicate in bothEnglish and Spanish can help general laborers advance in theirprofession.

There are no minimum educationalrequirements to be a general laborer, but laborers who havespecialized skills have the best opportunities. Those who serve aformal apprenticeship must generally be at least 18 years old andhave a high school diploma or its equivalent. An informalapprenticeship, consisting of on-the-job training and learning frommore experienced contractors, is a common way for general laborersto learn their job.

High school classes ingeneral shop, welding, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading,physics, and mathematics are helpful. Professional organizationssuch as the National Center for Construction Education and Researchcan help laborers find accredited training programs, such as thosein maritime, construction, or maintenance field.

Laborers who help remove lead, asbestos and otherhazardous materials need specialized safety training andcertification.

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