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Indian Family Physician (BB-33C4D)

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Duties and Responsibilities

While a family physician’s day-to-day duties andresponsibilities are determined by where they work, there are manycore tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of joblistings, these include:

ProvideHolistic Care to Patients

Familyphysicians see patients in their medical office and visit them inhospital settings when needed. Their job is to develop a roster ofpatients by providing comprehensive medical care. Family physicianshelp repair and improve diseased or injured body parts and internalhealth problems. They order prescriptions or additional therapy forpatients when necessary.

Order andInterpret Diagnostic Tests

Familyphysicians request, perform, and interpret diagnostic and clinicaltests. They analyze test images and results in light of theirpatient’s medical history to inform their examinationsand make accurate diagnoses. Family physicians then explain testresults to patients and implement a care plan.

Advise Patients on Needed HealthChanges

Patients look to familyphysicians to provide expert advice concerning disease prevention.They may suggest critical changes in diet, activity levels, andhygiene. The lifestyle changes physicians recommend help patientsimprove their quality of life.

Monitor Patient Progress andRecords

Another critical activityfor family physicians is keeping accurate and detailed records thatdocument their observations from medical exams. Over time, familyphysicians monitor patient progress and treatment responses. Theycontinually evaluate their patients’ overall heath andadjust individual treatments as necessary.

Collaborate with Other HealthcareProfessionals

Consulting withadditional specialists and doctors about patient needs is anothervital task for family physicians. Other healthcare professionalscan offer different perspectives on client diagnoses and treatmentoptions. Family physicians commonly coordinate care with physicaltherapists, pharmacists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers.They also refer patients to other specialists when furtherdiagnosis or treatment is needed.

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