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Post Security Manager And Crisis Coordinator B3(l) (BB-B820D)

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Job Role: Post Security Manager And CrisisCoordinator B3(l)

Duties andresponsibilities:

  • General security management
  • Be first point of contact within the Embassyfor security-related concerns, providing all stakeholders withquick, well-calibrated advice, escalating issues of concernaccordingly.
  • Be the Embassy's subjectmatter expert on Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) securitypolicy and procedure, seeking further guidance and clarity onunfamiliar issues.
  • Actively monitor securitythreats, risks and issues, consulting the Post Security Officer(PSO) on risk mitigation techniques and Post State of Vigilance(SOV), setting commensurate security postureaccordingly.
  • Liaise with diplomatic and localpolice on protective security issues.
  • Be oncall and provide an out-of-hours response to security incidents,assisting in the coordination of security resources and managementof any emergency response (on call allowance provided).
  • Plan and execute effective security strategy for Embassyevents and visits that ensures commensurate levels of security,balanced against threat and business need.
  • Conduct security risk assessments for external events andassist hosts in setting appropriate security posture.
  • Monitor and report security breaches and security relatedincidents to the PSO and ROSM, and assisting with breach/ incidentmanagement.
  • Lead on completion of OverseasSecurity Advisor (OSA) recommendations at Post in consultation withthe ROSM.
  • Act as local point of contact forV/VIP security details, and assist Post's Visits Officer toensure adequate security for visiting dignitaries.
  • Conduct security induction briefings and training withinfive (5) days of arrival for all new members of staff and UK-based(UKB) families.
  • Provide ongoing securitysupport and advice to UKB families in collaboration with CommunityLiaison Officer (CLO).
  • Provide supervision ofworks within the secure zone as required.
  • Review, adapt, and deliver the Embassy's Expo2020 Dubai security strategy for the lead up to and during the Expoin line with FCO security policy and guidance.
  • Ensure that the Embassy is fully prepared for the intenseactivity at in the lead up to during Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • Guard force management
  • Manage a large contracted guardforce providing a range of manned guarding duties to the Embassy,ensuring security policy is adhered to and the operationaleffectiveness of all procedural, physical, and technical securitymeasures is maintained at all times.
  • Administer the contracted guard force, ensuring robuststanding orders are up to date, appropriate, and effective, andunderpinned by regular training and practice drills.
  • Assist the Guard Supervisor in ensuring theEmbassy's operational needs are met through efficientresourcing that reflects business need. Ensure that guard schedulesand rosters are accurate and submitted in a timely manner to allowefficient financial planning.
  • Liaise with thecontractor's management team through regular meetings toensure acceptable guarding standards are maintained through regularmonitoring of contract Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Alsoensure that the contractor maintains appropriate standards ofwelfare and duty of care to the guards.
  • Ensureeffective manned guarding services with a particular emphasis onaccess control; person and vehicle search; patrolling; fireprevention; mail scanning; maintenance of occurrence book (XQ1);incident reporting and incident response; protective surveillance;and exceptional customer service to visitors.
  • Physical security
  • Review and maintain the physicalsecurity of the Embassy and Residence grounds, identifying anddealing with issues quickly and effectively.
  • Act as Post lead for significant installation/maintenance projects of physical security measures in consultationwith relevant partners and stakeholders.
  • Review and, where necessary, implement physical securityupgrades to staff accommodation.
  • Maintain arecord of secure combinations and access codes to critical areas,administering routine changes when required.
  • Provide training and guidance on Embassy opening/ closingprocedure and policy to relevant staff.
  • Assistthe Embassy's Estates Team to ensure maintenance schedulesand emergency repairs to the Heavy Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)measures are conducted efficiently by the maintenancecontractor.
  • Technicalsecurity
  • Responsiblefor Automated Access Control Systems (AACS), ID badge issue,issuing access privileges, and monitoring and reporting systemfaults.
  • Monitor and report issues with ClosedCircuit Television (CCTV) and to provide training and guidance tosystem users.
  • Conduct and record weeklytesting of VOICE alarm system reporting any concerns to the SecureTechnical Services Officer (STSO).
  • Ensure FCOpolicy on electronic devices and mobile phones is adheredto.
  • Administer and account for the DigitalRadio systems, ensuring that regular radio checks are carried outand recorded.
  • Provide support, wherenecessary, to the STSO.
  • Personnel security
  • Conduct all local staff security vetting, ensuring allmandatory checks are completed in line with FCO guidance andpolicy, liaising with UK Security Vetting/ ROSM/ PSO and PersonnelSecurity Team, and storing records appropriately.
  • Manage staff access to areas and information withinGovernment Security Classification (GSC) and FCO policy.
  • Manage cleared/ un-cleared contractors and escorted/unescorted visitor passes and access policy through consultationwith the PSO and Post Security Committee (PSC).
  • Ensure adequate supervision of external contractors andmaintenance staff.
  • Security administration
  • Act as Secretariat of the Post Security Committee (PSC).Under direction of the PSO, to arrange meetings; draft agendas; andrecord, draft and issue accurate minutes in a timelymanner.
  • Conduct thorough security riskassessments and create reports of all internal and external Embassyevents.
  • Ensure all XQ logs are managedaccurately and efficiently, and available forinspection.
  • Monitor and report on Estates andSecurity Directorate (ESD) Key Performance Indicators on aquarterly basis.
  • Review, revise, and issuePost Security Regulations (PSR) 1 to all new staff upon taking upappointment and all staff thereafter on an annual basis. Issue PSR2 to all new UKB staff and local staff with access to theConfidential Area, and re-issue on an annual basis.
  • Assist the PSO with security breach investigations andremedial action.
  • Maintain an accurateinventory of security equipment, ensuring all equipment is insatisfactory working order.
  • Ensure thatregular security incident drills are conducted and that all staffare adequately briefed on procedures.
  • Conductsecurity surveys of new staff accommodation and any other propertybeing purchased or leased.
  • Conduct periodicout-of-hours inspections of the Embassy to identify securitybreaches, reporting findings to the PSO.
  • Actas contract owner for all security-related contracts, i.e. guardingand gate maintenance.
  • Act as delegated budgetholder for Post's security budget and provide quarterlyreporting to Corporate Services on budget forecasting andexpenditure.
  • Generalist
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing diplomatic mail in linewith FCO guidance and policy.
  • Build strong andeffective networks and relationships with key contacts outside ofthe Embassy with a particular focus on other friendly embassies,security professionals, and security organisations.
  • Ensure effective outreach and engagement with the BritishCouncil in Dubai.
  • Take an active role in theembassy's Crisis Management Plan (specifically supportingas crisis security manager) and Embassy response to incidents oremerging threats that may affect the Embassy or UKnationals.
  • Assist FCO Services with securityrelated projects at Post.
  • Provide logisticsand transport support, alongside security responsibility, toEmbassy visits.
  • Crisiscoordination
  • Lead oncrisis coordination work for the Embassy, working closely with theDeputy Consul General on development of crisis plans andpreparedness.
  • Plan crisis drills, organisecrisis training sessions (to be delivered by others), maintaincrisis equipment, and support crisis awareness amongstcolleagues.
  • This is separate to the specificrole the PSMCC will have during a crisis as Crisis SecurityManager.

Key competencies required:

  • Managing a Quality Service - Being organisedto deliver service objectives and striving to improve the qualityof service, taking account of diverse customer needs andrequirements. Effectively planning, organising, and managing timeand activities to deliver a high quality and efficient service,applying programme and project management approaches to supportservice delivery.
  • Leading and Communicating -Leading from the front and communicating with clarity, conviction,and enthusiasm. Managing and engaging with people with honesty andintegrity, and upholding the reputation of theorganisation.
  • Delivering at Pace - Focusing ondelivering timely performance with energy and taking responsibilityand accountability for quality outcomes. Working to agreed goalsand activities and dealing with challenges in a responsive andconstructive way. Providing the focus and energy to driveactivities forward through others and encourage staff to performeffectively during challenging and changing times.
  • Making Effective Decisions - Showing clarity of thought,setting priorities, analysing and using evidence to evaluateoptions before arriving at well-reasoned, justifiable decisions.Creating evidence-based strategies, evaluating options, impacts,risks, and solutions; maximising while minimising risk andbalancing social, political, financial, economic and environmentalconsiderations to provide sustainable outcomes.


Essentialqualifications, skills and experience

  • Military, law enforcement, or commercial securityexperience, or five years' experience within a relevantfield.
  • Ability to think rationally and takedecisive action when under pressure and during challengingsituations.
  • Proven team leader with goodcommunication skills at all levels.
  • Excellentcommunication skills in English, both verbal and written. Abilityto express ideas and messages clearly and concisely.
  • Collaborative approach to colleague and stakeholderpartnerships. Ability to maintain a range of contacts to buildeffective working relationships.
  • Ability towork quickly, reliably, and proactively with attention to detailand with limited supervision.
  • Strong ITcomputer skills and in using Microsoft Office applications (Word,Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience

  • Formal security related trainingqualification.
  • Experience of security riskmanagement.
  • Membership in security industryprofessional bodies (ASIS, Security Institute).
  • Previous experience of working for Her Majesty'sGovernment (HMG) or understanding of UK government structures andprocesses.
  • Arabic language skills.
  • Additional commercial security industryexperience.

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