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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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As a Storekeeper at Reges Events, you will play a crucial role in managing our inventory and ensuring the efficient operation of our integrated carpentry workshop.

You will be responsible for overseeing the storage, distribution, and tracking of materials, tools, and equipment used in the production of event decorations and sets.


Inventory Management:

Maintain accurate records of all incoming and outgoing materials, tools, and equipment.

Conduct regular stock counts and reconcile discrepancies.

Ensure that the workshop is well-organized and materials are stored safely.

Material Procurement:

Collaborate with the Materials Procurement officer to ensure the timely procurement of required materials.

Receive, inspect, and verify the quality and quantity of incoming materials.

Distribution and Allocation:

Prepare materials, tools, and equipment for production and event set-up.

Allocate resources to various projects and workshops as per production schedules.

Quality Control:

Inspect materials for damage, wear, or defects and report issues to the appropriate department.

Maintain high standards of quality and ensure that materials meet specifications.


Maintain comprehensive records of inventory transactions and update inventory databases.

Generate reports on inventory levels, consumption, and reorder points.

Safety and Compliance:

Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines in the storage and handling of materials.

Implement proper storage techniques to prevent damage or deterioration.


Coordinate with Production Managers, Carpenters, and other workshop staff to ensure timely access to required materials.

Communicate any supply shortages or issues to the relevant department.


High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or certification in inventory management is a plus.

Proven experience as a Storekeeper or in a similar role, preferably in a workshop or manufacturing environment.

  • Strong knowledge of inventory management principles and practices.
Attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

Ability to lift and move heavy materials and equipment.

Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Knowledge of safety protocols and the ability to adhere to safety guidelines.

AED2, AED3,000.00 per month


  • Storekeeper: 3 years (required)


  • English (required)

Ability to Commute:

  • Sharjah (required)
Expected Start Date: 01/12/2023

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