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    3 weeks ago

    Default job background
    Full time
    Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

    Logistics Assistants are responsible for assessing need, purchasing, receiving, storing, inventorying and issuing of all materials for the clinic. The logistics assistant works with the officer to ensure these functions are performed smoothly. In addition, the logistics assistant functions as a support to the facility safety officer and performs compliance inspections regarding fire equipment, refrigeration maintenance, and monitors contractual compliance with outsourced contractors and third party vendors. The logistics assistant also covers the coffee shop as barista when necessary.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Maintain consumable product lists including inventory counts, expiration dates, and supply locations
    • Ensure that all medical and non medical consumables are property stored and appropriately secured
    • Ensure proper rotation of stocks in relation to expiration dates ensuring that all materials are removed from the clinic prior to expiration
    • Order medical and non medical consumables to ensure supplies are available as necessary
    • Organize physical and electronic invoices for presentation to the financial department
    • Maintain appropriate stocks to ensure adequate supplies in case of procurement delays
    • Receive calls, schedule appointments and meet with 3rd party vendors for evaluation of consumables to provide a cost/benefit summary to the Nursing Manager for review
    • Assist the marketing manager in sourcing suppliers, maintaining supplier lists, and scheduling and receiving deliveries
    • Maintain a master list with contact information of all suppliers and 3rd party vendors
    • Monitor 3rd party vendor cleaning contracts and perform routine and random checks for compliance with cleanliness and sanitation consumables
    • Perform routine checks for fire equipment safety compliance measures including dates and visual safety inspections
    • Ensures proper notification of appropriate personnel regarding official inspection schedule compliance
    • Perform the functions of fire marshall
    • Open and close the clinic according to established procedures
    • Function as a member of the code white team and safety committees
    • Work as barista when necessary
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Understand and follow patient experience metrics
    • Understand and follow HIPAA requirements when exposed to confidential health information
    • Computer savvy
    • Critical thinking skills
    • English proficiency essential


    Previous clinic experience a positive
    • COSHH Safety Certification a positive
    • A bachelor's degree in a related field a positive
    • Experience in the healthcare field a positive
    • Able to work with minimal supervision in a fast paced environment
    • Good time management skills
    • Able to handle multiple assignments as required