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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Home Tutor

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Duties & Responsibilities:

Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Provide parents with critical information on their children's performance and progress, as well as information on their areas of strength, so they may make informed academic and professional selections.
  • Provide academic and study assistance to students, as well as comments on their skills, weaknesses, and areas of interest.
  • Manage and organize the learning environment efficiently to improve the overall tutoring outcome
  • Make informed decision on the best strategy and module for teaching each specific student according to their strength
  • Recommend books, learning tools, research strategies, and other learning materials to students
  • Monitor student performance or assist students in learning environment
  • Prepare learning materials and schedule tutoring sessions according to academic needs and goals
  • Help students have a deeper comprehension of what has been taught in their respective schools.
  • Work with the learner to assist them to understand essential points and ideas to help them remember what they've learnt in class.
  • Work on important academic abilities such as notetaking tactics, approach to answering test questions, and general study skills of students.


  • Excellent English language skills (Arabic & French will be an added advantage);
  • Proficient in IB & CBSE curriculum
  • A minimum of two years of tutoring experience is required, as well as practical experience dealing with various types of students. Working as a classroom teacher in any respectable school will also be highly valued.
  • Possesses problemsolving abilities: Students' particular difficulties should be identified by home tutors, who should then assist them in quickly resolving such issues.
  • Teamwork: He or she should be able to work closely with parents and pupils to ensure that the student's learning process is balanced.

AED5, AED6,000.00 per month

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