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    1 month ago

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    I need someone who can master the iq test with high grade and garunteed, the assesment includes: two sections – a behaviour-based part, and an aptitude part.

    The behaviour-based assessment contains no questions. Instead, it's a series of engaging, intuitive tasks. As you respond to each task, we'll collect data that paints an accurate picture of your natural strengths. Then, we'll compare those strengths to the ones linked to success in the role, company culture, or both. The best way to succeed? Just be yourself.

    Then, we've designed the aptitude part to test your reasoning ability. You'll need to apply logical reasoning here, interpreting the information you're given to solve a series of problems. Therefore, we recommed taking a break before beginning these tasks - 'Sticky Notes' and 'Analysis'.

    I need it as soon as possible, if you know please contact. me through my number on whats app.


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    Available online - via skype etc.