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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Starts and operates furnace, oven, diecasting, coremaking, metal molding, or rotating machines to pour metal or create molds and casts.

  • Removes casting from mold, mold from press, or core from core box, using tongs, pliers, hydraulic ram, or by inversion.
  • Pours or loads metal or sand into melting pot, furnace, mold, core box or hopper, using shovel, ladle, or machine.
  • Inspects metal casts, and molds for cracks, bubbles, or other defects and measures castings to ensure specifications met.
  • Cleans, glues, and racks cores, ingots, or finished products for storage.
  • Cuts spouts and pouring holes in molds and sizes hardened cores, using saws.
  • Signals or directs other workers to load conveyor, spray molds, or remove ingots.
  • Requisitions molds and supplies and inventories and records finished products.
  • Weighs metals and powders and computes amounts of materials necessary to produce mixture of specified content.
  • Smoothes and cleans inner surface of mold, using brush, scraper, airhose, or grinding wheel, and fills imperfections with refractory material.
  • Sprays, smokes, or coats molds with compounds to lubricate or insulate mold, using acetylene torches or sprayers.
  • Skims or pours dross, slag, or impurities from molten metal, using ladle, rake, hoe, spatula, or spoon.
  • Assembles shell halves, patterns, and foundry flasks, and reinforces core boxes, using glue, clamps, wire, bolts, rams, or machines.
  • Repairs or replaces damaged molds, pipes, belts, chains, or other equipment, using hand tools, handpowered press, or jib crane.
  • Fills core boxes and mold patterns with sand or powders, using ramming tools or pneumatic hammers, and removes excess.
  • Observes and records data from pyrometers, lights, and gauges to monitor molding process and adjust furnace temperature.
  • Positions, aligns, and secures molds or core boxes in holding devices or under pouring spouts and tubes, using hand tools.
  • Positions ladles or pourers and adjusts controls to regulate the flow of metal, sand, or coolant into mold.

AED1, AED2,300.00 per month

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