Principal Data Engineer - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Caliberly

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    Our prestigious client in Dubai Internet Cityis hiring principal dataengineer.


    1. DesigningData Architecture: Developing and architecting datasystems and infrastructure to support the organizations data needs.This includes designing data pipelines data warehouses and datalakes.
    2. Data PipelineDevelopment: Building and optimizing data pipelinesfor ingesting processing and transforming large volumes of datafrom various sources into usable formats for analysis andreporting.
    3. DataIntegration: Integrating disparate data sources andsystems to ensure data consistency accuracy and reliability acrossthe organization.
    4. PerformanceOptimization: Optimizing data processing and queryperformance to ensure timely access to data for analytics andreporting purposes.
    5. DataGovernance and Security: Implementing datagovernance policies and procedures to ensure data quality integrityand security. This includes defining data access controlsencryption and compliance with regulatoryrequirements.
    6. TeamLeadership: Providing technical leadership andguidance to a team of data engineers. This may involve mentoringjunior team members conducting code reviews and driving bestpractices in dataengineering.
    7. Collaboration:Collaborating with crossfunctional teams including data scientistsanalysts and business stakeholders to understand data requirementsand deliver solutions that meet businessobjectives.


    1. StrongTechnical Skills: Proficiency in programminglanguages commonly used in data engineering such as Python Java orScala. Experience with data processing frameworks like ApacheHadoop Apache Spark or Apache Flink is alsoessential.
    2. Data Modeling andDatabase Skills: Expertise in relational and NoSQLdatabases as well as data modeling techniques. Experience withdatabase technologies like PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB or Cassandra isoften required.
    3. Big DataTechnologies: Knowledge of big data technologies andplatforms such as Apache Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS MapReduce HiveHBase) Apache Spark and cloudbased data platforms like AWS Azure orGoogle Cloud Platform.
    4. ETL andData Warehousing: Experience with Extract TransformLoad (ETL) processes and tools as well as data warehousing conceptsand methodologies. Familiarity with tools like Apache AirflowTalend or Informatica isbeneficial.
    5. ProblemSolvingSkills: Strong analytical and problemsolving skillswith the ability to troubleshoot complex data issues and deviseeffectivesolutions.
    6. Communication andLeadership: Excellent communication andinterpersonal skills with the ability to communicate technicalconcepts to nontechnical stakeholders. Experience leading andmentoring a team of data engineers is oftenrequired.

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