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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Ahmed Al-Mansouri

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Role Overview:

This role is crucial for streamlining our release processes and improving overall quality and efficiency in deployments to Production.

The Technology Release Manager will play a key role in enhancing our Technology department's capabilities and ensuring that we meet our strategic goals for delivery.

Job mission:

The role will also involve leading the effort in defining the Technology department's release management processes and being the authoritative source for sound business communications during periods of high change and strategic project releases.

As the Technology Release Manager at Hantec Markets, the individual will assume ownership of the strategy and management of all technological environments, encompassing Development, UAT, Staging and Production.

This role involves developing a comprehensive strategy for efficient utilisation and maintenance of these environments, ensuring they align with release cycles and meet the diverse needs of the Technology teams.

Responsibilities include:

Release Planning and Scheduling:

  • Develop and implement detailed release plans, defining key milestones, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Coordinate with different teams to ensure alignment with overall project timelines and business objectives.

Quality Assurance (QA) Oversight:

  • Establish and maintain rigorous QA processes.
  • Ensure that all releases meet the highest quality standards through thorough testing and validation.
  • Develop metrics to measure and improve the quality of releases.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Management:

  • Facilitate and oversee UAT processes, ensuring that user feedback is effectively incorporated.
  • Work with the Business and Technology teams to establish UAT criteria and ensure thorough testing.

Risk Management and Issue Resolution:

  • Proactively identify risks associated with releases and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Address and resolve issues that arise during the release process, ensuring mínimal impact on project timelines and quality.

Cross-Team Coordination and Communication:

  • Act as the central point of contact for all releaserelated activities.
  • Facilitate effective communication between Technology Production, Technology Development, Data Engineering, Trading Support and business stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting:

  • Regularly update stakeholders on release progress, risks and issues.
  • Prepare and present release reports and metrics to senior management and key stakeholders.

Process Improvement and Best Practices Implementation:

  • Continuously evaluate and improve release management processes.
  • Implement industry best practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Release Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Ensure comprehensive documentation of all release processes and changes.
  • Promote knowledge sharing across teams to improve understanding and adherence to release management practices.

Compliance and Governance:

  • Ensure that all release activities comply with organisational policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Participate in audits and reviews as needed.
  • Maintain a trusted Change Approval Board (CAB) governance regime.

Training and Support:

  • Provide training and support to teams involved in the release process.
  • Encourage a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Tool and Technology Utilisation:

  • Leverage tools and technology effectively for release management, including the use of Atlassian tools for tracking and coordination.

Business Sign-Off and Validation:

  • Ensure that all releases have appropriate business signoffs.
  • Validate that releases meet business requirements and expectations before deployment.

Post-Release Evaluation and Feedback Incorporation:

  • Conduct postrelease reviews to gather feedback and lessons learned.
  • Use this feedback to improve future release processes.

Required skills

  • Proven experience (5+ years) in release management, particularly in a technology or financial services environment.
  • Strong understanding of QA and UAT frameworks.
  • Ability

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