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10 Easy Steps to a Successful Brand-building Process


Brand-building is an ongoing process that helps you establish yourself in your industry. The perks of successful brands are limitless. A brand creates an image for your business that inspires consumer loyalty. You can take the help of a corporate branding agency to create a brand name for yourself. A brand is not just a symbol or logo for your business. It’s a reputation that you create for yourself through your products, their services and marketing. It is important to get your branding right in order for your business to be successful.

These 10 easy steps can be followed for a successful brand building process:

Determine the purpose of your business

Before you set out to launch your business and your brand, it is very important that you have a clear idea of what your business is about. You should identify the purpose behind the brand and set it as your goal. Working towards a set goal can help you in identifying the best ways to reach it. The purpose that you have determined will also be the first step in creating your slogans and taglines later on.


Identify your target customers

By building a business, you are trying to sell your products to prospective buyers. So, when you create a brand, identify who exactly you are targeting. Once you get to know their requirements, you can tailor your branding strategies accordingly. Try to be as specific as possible about your target audience. Find a niche in the market so that you can be still more specific with your products and marketing. Your message can be very clearly communicated once you identify your target audience.

Do proper research on your competitors

Doing research on your competitors can help you get an idea of what the industry expects from a business like yours. Your aim should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors and try to show your consumers why they should buy your products. Proper research can help you get ideas for your campaigns. Studying your competition can also help you realise what to do and what not to do to survive and prosper.

Create a mission and vision for your brand

A mission statement is something that you are going to do with your business while a vision statement is what you want to be or where you want to take your company in the future. All of your taglines, logos, slogans and other branding element are built on this. An agency for corporate branding in Dubai can help you to refine your mission and vision for your company and tune it in such a way that your brand can be built on it.

Outline the main features and benefits of your brand

These days there are a lot of competitors in the market for a single type of product. Customers come into contact with different brands when purchasing a product. In this step you have to outline what all are the main features of your product and why your customer should prefer your product over others. The value that the customers get using your brand has to be highlighted and you have to convince the customer to choose your product.


Fix the brand guidelines

Brand guidelines will be a set of rules on how your brand interacts with customers. You have to determine a voice for your brand, let it be sociable, professional or even technical. The voice of your brand can determine the first impression of your customers. Whether they become regular customers depend on the tone with which the brand interacts with consumers. Fixing brand guidelines can help in maintain uniformity across all platforms where you advertise your business. A top branding agency in Dubai can help you streamline this process.

Decide on a name for your business and brand

Once the mission, vision, features and brand guidelines have been fixed, the next important step is to decide on a name for your brand. Getting the right brand name is very important in all aspects of your business. The name should be able to grab the attention of the consumers and should be easily distinguishable from competitors. Deciding the name is a huge step in brand building process as it can affect your logo, tagline, marketing activities and any future expansion activities.

Design a logo and create a tagline

A logo is a visual depiction of your brand. People identify you by your logo or tagline. Make sure that your tagline is catchy and clever so that more people get curious about you. A logo should be unique and most importantly, scalable. Think of all the places where your logo can be placed and design accordingly.

Build an elevator pitch

When you are building a brand, it is important to constantly communicate with your consumers. Use the voice that you have decided for your brand and give messages to your consumers, both written and oral, in a short and precise manner. Tell them who exactly you are and what you are offering them. Any agency specialising in corporate branding in Dubai will be able to help you communicate with your consumers in the way that you want.

Market your brand

Once all the brand elements have been designed and fixed, integrate it into all aspects of your business activities and market it. Your brand identity should be visible to the consumers at all points of contact. A top branding company in Dubai would work to give ideas in applying your identity on the packaging, websites, social media sites, email, apps, stores, stationery and more. Plan campaigns to promote your brand. The main point of building a brand identity is to let customers know about you and inspire their loyalty. Make sure that the customers are constantly in touch with the brand you have created.

A brand is something that lets consumers identify you. It is why they trust you and engage in business with you. Take help from a professional corporate branding agency in Dubai, and build a brand for yourself that is unique and relevant to increase your business and widen your market.

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