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Advertising Equipment Materials and Sign Supplier in UAE | ADS-ADV Materials

ADS-ADV materials are provided the best advertising equipment like a Graphtec Cutting Plotter, GCC Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines in UAE


A team of highly motivated, professionals who offer the finest products and machineries a production company could possibly possess - ADS stands for Advantage, Determination and Success.

Our competitive advantage lies in the immense years of experience we have in handling the best of solutions what the industry offers in the field of signage, fabrication, and display, shop fittings, fit out, exhibition, gift and premium. We provide you with only world-recognized brands from within these industries, such as:

ITC CNC Tools, UK:

From solid carbide and PCD tooling, through to indexable milling, turning and boring, plus top quality tool holders, ITC has an unbeatable product range widely used in sign making, fabrication, carpentry, woodworking, and the mechanical industries.

World’s No. 1 cutting plotter, Graphtec, Japan:

Graphtec cutting plotters are designed to meet the demanding requirements of design professionals in sign industry, garment and apparel industry, reprographics, design and packaging industries.

Alusign, Belgium:

Alusign is the leading supplier of modular sign systems in the world. Their modular signage systems breathe elegance and are entirely flexible in its installation.

Royal Sovereign Hot & Cold Laminating machines:

Royal Sovereign provides a wide range of wide format roll laminating and pouch laminating solutions ideal for homes, offices and even professional grade settings.

Lorin Anodized Aluminium Sheets, USA:

Lorin anodized aluminium sheets provide remarkable opportunities to work with thousands of looks, textures, colors and finishes that reflect creativity, advanced technology and environmental responsibility.

GCC LaserPro Laser Engraving and Cutting machines, Taiwan:

GCC laser engravers and cutters have been applied across various industries such as apparel, food, gift and memorabilia, glass, interior design, jewelry, metal marking, packaging, photo engraving, sign display, woodworking, metal cutting, stencil and much more.

JRS Frames, USA:

Being industry leaders for sign frames and holders, JRS Frames has developed a standard which insures the highest quality products and complete customer satisfaction enabling us to supply products solely based on our customers’ needs.

American brand Silhouette electronic cutting machines:

Silhouette machines are popularly used across gift, craft and hobby artists as it can cut, etch, and stipple a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer material, and so much more.

IPI Plastic Engraving Sheets, USA:

IPS Plastic laser engraving and rotary engraving sheets offer a wide range of stone patterns and colors that range from speckled sands to granites rich in natural beauty as well as light linear.

Berkshire Cleanroom wipes, UK:

Berkshire is the global leader in providing products and services for the critical environments market worldwide ensuring performance, cleanliness and guaranteed consistent quality.

Lidco Squeegees, USA:

Lidco squeegees are known for their longitudinal rigidity and stability, which provides optimal pressure for the safe application of graphics, vinyl, tapes, films and other pressure sensitive materials.

UNIST Mist Lubricating Systems, USA:

UNIST mist lubricators provide innovative solutions in the design and manufacture of fluid application systems for the industrial market. These help save money for our customers in their manufacturing processes by reducing the amount of fluids consumed.

Alvance Anodized Aluminum sheets, Belgium:

Alvance 55HX is the solution for critical anodized applications in facades and claddings, ceilings and walls as well as roofs. These sheets are widely used across all Audi Showrooms in the UAE as well as in the Ferrari World Theme Park.

Knife system, Europe:

High-class carbide knives that act as intelligent cutting solutions for your CNC router or Flatbed cutter.

LED Lighting:

Create the right lighting environment with our SAMSUNG 5630SMD, 5050SMD, 3528SMD, 2835SMD and 2323SMD LED lighting. Suitable for cove and contour lighting and also, in hotels, shopping malls, homes, cabinets etc.


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Badria Ibrahim

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My ability to perform rests on the foundation of my education from khartoum University. As a graduate from the Business Administration  collge, I understand what it take to manage employees. I am well-versed in many aspects of business, including the financial portion. However, my education and work experience are tied together by my ability to empathize and communicate with others. I like to make people smile. It brings me great pleasure when an employee is truly succeeding and I get to promote them. It is also very rewarding to please my customers.

, over the years i have built up a diverse range of skills and qualities, that i believe are much for this job description im very positive and good with ur clients and costumers because i understand tahgt for ur business to be successful i need not only to act as a positive role model but i need to provide outstanding services so ur costumers and clients come back to ur business over and over again, im happy working on my own but also im happy working as a part of ur team and u have my word if u hired me in this position i will perform the highest standard and i will help u achieve ur commercial and financial objectives