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NOBRAA International medical wholesaler | Covid-19 test & facemask

Nobraa is your medical wholesaler. Whether you are a doctor or a therapist, work for a hospital or the government or just want to order as a private person, Nobraa delivers. 

The demand for medical supplies such as mouth guards and gloves is higher and more important than ever. We, therefore, work with renowned international organizations so that we can always deliver from stock, anywhere in the world. No matter where in the world.

All our medical articles are supplied from stocks in the Netherlands and the United States. Our range, consisting of protective equipment, medical instruments, Covid 19 rapid tests and various types of mouth masks are therefore always available in large numbers.


Antigen self-test 

At Nobraa we sell different types of corona tests: self-tests to use at home and antigen tests for professionals. The antigen tests for professionals are mainly used by doctors to test whether patients have had Covid-19 or are in the final stage of curing of the virus. Besides that, the tests are also used for population research.

The self-tests, on the other hand, can be used to test yourself and/or your employees if somebody has symptoms if somebody has been in contact with a person who is infected by the virus or for preventive reasons. With the antigen test, you can check whether your body contains antigens of the coronavirus. 

These antigens are pieces of proteins from the virus that trigger an immune response in your body. If you have these antigens of the Covid-19 virus in your body, you are carrying the virus at that moment. This means you could be contagious and could spread the virus to your surroundings.


For what situations? 

You can use the antigen self-test for many situations. First of all, you can use the self-test to quickly and easily test whether you have corona if you experience mild symptoms. If you test positive, you will know right away that you have to stay inside, cancel your appointments and stop being in contact with your surroundings.  

As an employer, you can also use the self-tests for meetings, events, or in the office to protect your employees from the virus as much as possible. The chance that one of your employees has corona and infects his or her colleagues reduces considerably by using the self-tests. So if for whatever reason, it is important to gather several people at the office, you can make sure that your employees can do their job without worrying about the virus. 

Finally, you can use antigen tests as a check-up for several reasons, for example before going on a holiday, when visiting your grandparents, if you have been in contact with someone who has corona, when coming back from a high-risk country, and so on! 

Benefits of the self-test

Nasal swab or saliva test

These antigens can be found in the nasal and/or throat mucus and therefore you can choose between these two different tests. With the nasal swab, you can check whether you have corona by taking a sample of the nasal mucus. And with the saliva test, you can check if you have the virus by taking a sample of the throat mucus. 

With both tests, you take a little bit of mucus and follow the instructions on the leaflet. On the test device, on which you eventually drip the fluid of the test, you will quickly be able to see the results of whether you have the virus or not. At Nobraa we sell both tests, so you can choose which test is most suitable for you or your situation!


Fast, reliable & easy

The advantages of antigen self-tests are that the tests are fast, reliable, and easy to take. You can do the test where and when you want, you don't need an appointment for the test and you will have the result after thirty - and sometimes even ten! - minutes. If the result is positive, the test is extremely reliable, so you know for sure that it is better to stay at home to avoid infecting your surroundings. 


A negative corona test

It is only with a negative result that the self-test may be wrong. This is because, at the beginning of the infection, your body may not have produced so many antigens yet against the virus. The test may not be able to detect the virus in that case, while you are carrying it!  

So if you have any symptoms, but the test result is negative, it is important that you still keep your distance and stay inside if you think this is necessary. Or, if you want to make sure if you have the virus, make an appointment with the right authority!


How does a self-test work? 

Taking a self-test is very easy. You can do the test very quickly and when and wherever you want. The most important thing is that you read the information leaflet carefully and follow the instructions. 

In short, taking a self-test means that you take a sample of your throat or nose mucus and put it in a liquid. By means of this liquid and a pipette, you can then simply drip the mixture of your mucus and the liquid onto the test device. Just wait as long as indicated on the instruction leaflet and then you have your result!


Buy large numbers of self-tests

If you want to buy large numbers of self-tests, for whatever situation, then Nobraa is the right place for you. Nobraa is a wholesaler of medical products and therefore sells many products by the dozen, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands. The self-tests, both saliva tests, and nasal swab tests are also available in large quantities.



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