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What are the Common Problems for Web Hosting and How to Avoid Such Problems?

Every online business requires a website. But a website is not possible without a hosting service. Web hosting is the process by which businesses are provided a space online to showcase their content. The website will be accessible to the users only if you have proper hosting service and there are web design companies in Dubai that will help you make sure you do this correctly.

Good web hosting is critical for a website to function smoothly. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes it may be on the more expensive side but focusing too much on cost is not going to help your business.

There are many common problems faced during web hosting and they are given below along with ways through which you can avoid them for your website creation process to go smoothly.

Hacking and security

This is one of the most common problems faced by most businesses online. Almost every website is under the threat of hacking and no matter how extravagant your security plan is, hackers will find some loophole to get to your data. As a result of hacking, your entire website can disappear from the internet in one night or the security of you and your consumers can be at risk.

Consumers give a lot of sensitive information to a website once they decide to use it and it is only because they have a certain level of trust in your website. Even a small security invasion can threaten this trust and ruin your business.

When you hire a hosting service, make sure that they offer enough security as a part of the package they are offering you. The company you hire for website design in Dubai may know about some of the best web hosting services and they can help you make an informed decision.

You also have to back up your website frequently. If one day, you see that your website has disappeared from the internet, you will have to completely rework a new website from the beginning and it will include a lot of expenses. By frequently backing up, you will always have the latest version of your website with you in case of any emergency.

Slow loading time

Consumers nowadays hate nothing more than waiting long for something. With the internet being used for everything now and available to everyone, people don’t have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website. Anything more than 2 to 5 seconds and they are out.

A slow loading time can be due to many reasons. It can be because of high-resolution image rendering, auto-playing videos, forms, browser, the user’s internet speed and even high traffic at a particular time.

The distance between the server and the user can also drastically affect the loading time. To avoid a slow loading time, check with the web hosting service you are planning to hire about the availability of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Through CDN, cached versions of your website will be available at different locations so that the loading time is reduced. A reputed web design agency in Dubai will have prior experience with this and can help you make choose the best service provider.

Site crashing due to high traffic

As an online business, you need high traffic for your business to grow. But high traffic coming at one particular time unexpectedly might lead to problems in the functioning of your website. Loading time may be slower, some features may not work, navigation can get difficult and the site can crash.

When you want or you are expecting high traffic, it is always better to use a dedicated hosting service. On a shared server, your website and another website are sharing space and if both of you get high traffic, your site will tend to crash or your load time will be very slow as a lot of users are trying to get to you simultaneously. The company you have hired for website development in Dubai can choose the best-dedicated hosting service for you. When you have a dedicated hosting service, you can handle sudden high traffic better as you can make changes when necessary and take action quickly.

Cost of web hosting

It is a common tendency of people to go for the free service. If anything is free or very cheap, people flock around it and try to get it for themselves. But sometimes for free services, you may have to pay the price in some other way.

When you purchase a free plan, what is the web hosting service provider getting out of the business deal with you? They might require ad space on your website and you can never know how those ads will affect your business.

Sometimes costs may be very low because of the limited services they offer. Once a website is up and running, it is essential to make sure it doesn’t face frequent downtime. You have to look at the kind of data plan and bandwidth provided by the web hosting services. Sometimes these service providers might also charge more than what is necessary for the service they are providing. It is easy to get cheated if you don’t have the right information with you.

You have to have a good knowledge about web hosting services and what you require so that you can enquire accordingly and choose the service that suits your needs the best. By hiring the best web design company in Dubai, you can be assured to get great insights on how to choose the web hosting service provider that suits you and your business. They can also tell you about the costs you can expect so that you will only have to pay what is required, nothing more and nothing less.

A business running on the internet depends on its website for actual sales. You shouldn’t try to cut the cost where web hosting is concerned. Having good web hosting is necessary for a business to perform well. Get the help of the website development company in UAE that you have hired and choose the right web hosting service that supports your website the best so that your business can boom.

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