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Abu Dhabi
abdullah mohamed

abdullah mohamed

Mechanical Engineer
Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي


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I received a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New York University Abu Dhabi in July 2022. I've got a deep love and respect for the Engineering Design process and am aiming to reach a career in Engineering Design, firstly as a Mechanical Design Engineer. I am also very invested in systems thinking and its importance to the engineering design process; lack of such consideration can result in creating problems for clients rather than resolving them and, going off of what I've learned in my Engineering Ethics class at NYUAD, can lead to very devastating ethical consequences. I am a big believer in the importance of innovation to the engineering scene and would like to support both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial efforts in my community. That said, I am also a firm believer in the importance of catering to the more immediate and pressing problems of society before looking forward into the future; a society is truly only as well off as its most downtrodden members.

I'm interested in all manner of a product design, but truthfully I'm especially keen on the developing astronautical engineering front, automotive engineering, and mechatronics. I also seek to capitalize on opportunities for incorporating bioinspiration into my work as I have come to appreciate the genius of achieving complex yet efficient .results through minimalistic practices and clever manipulation of limited raw materials. I've done especially good in coursework relating to thermodynamics, heat transport, thermal energy systems, and fluid mechanics in university. I've also performed decently well in courses pertaining to CAD and Finite Element Modeling & Analysis.  


GamaLearn – Math Engine Backend Developer Intern - Jun 2019 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Programmed a software feature in Python using the SymPy module based on a design brief, producing a program that can simplify an algebraic expression. Documented code and produced flowcharts explaining how the software functions overall and what each segment of code does.

Contact: Omar Adel • omar.rizk 


Revalu Impact AG – iXperience Management Consulting Intern - Jul–Aug 2022 - Remote

Led a team of 4 in identifying and sizing the European sustainability market for Revalu's product over 4 weeks, culminating with a market recommendation presented to Revalu. Documented research progress on a week-to-week basis, presenting the findings of each week to Revalu in a weekly virtual meeting. Conducted daily team meetings for coordination of tasks, progress reporting, and research work to aid in the drafting process for weekly presentations. Created and maintained a work breakdown structure document to ensure weekly tasks were completed on time and that team members knew their assigned work.

Contact: Yasmin Bellizzi • yasmin.bellizzi


New York University Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Aug 2018 – Jul 2022

 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering • GPA: 3.077/4.000 • Relevant Courses: Foundations of Science I - IV, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Statics, Engineering Dynamics, Circuits, Engineering Materials, Thermodynamics, Heat Transport, Thermal Energy Systems, Machine Component Design, CAD, Structural Component Analysis, FEM & Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Instrumentation/Actuators/Sensors


 Brighton College Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Aug 2013 – Jun 2018

 High School Graduate Certification • Relevant Courses: A-Level Chemistry (A*), A-Level Physics (A), A-Level Mathematics (A) • SAT Scores: 1370 (M: 670| W&R: 700) SAT I, 770 SAT II Chemistry, 770 SAT II Physics, 710 SAT II Math Level 1, 610 SAT II Math Level 2


Mechathon Engineering Pvt Ltd - Jul–Aug 2021

Engineering Design Summer Learning Program: Designed CAD model of Hexhead Pump from drawings provided by Mechathon. • Attended weekly lectures teaching product design and development, pump design, and GD&T among other core engineering design topics. • Scored ~80% in a final exam assessing knowledge of lecture topics.


Skill-Lync Postgraduate Program in CAD - September 2022 – Ongoing

Automotive CAD Student: Taking online classes teaching how to design a car’s exterior and providing practice industry projects to work on using CAD softwares like Autodesk Alias, CATIA, and SolidWorks. • Completing assignments based on the topics learned. • Potentially going to include an opportunity to work on CAD projects as a Skill-Lync Intern for 3 months.

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