Aedi Busy

Ajman City, عجمان

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

19 years old men has high school relevant education, looking for a full time job, doesn’t have a profession yet, hoping someone will give him a job where he can learn about the job as he works and Achieve the skills needed to perform that job, doesn’t demand much salery until he deserves it, and has a title, only needs some help with his daily expenses to perform his duty. 
Thank you.



Ajman Private School – 2006-2017
Grade 1-10
High School Equivalent
In math, social studies, English Grammar, business studies, Arabic 


Salesperson- 2018-2019 AL Mousam Furniture 

Staff helper- 2018-2019 AL Mousam Furniture 

Car rent agent-2021/07- Currently work here - Turbo Rent a Car

Bookkeeping- 2018-2019 - Al Mousam furniture

Trying to achieve more experience as I grow

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