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Abu Dhabi
Amisha Elsa Thomas

Amisha Elsa Thomas

B.Tech Food Technology (Hons.)
Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي


حول Amisha Elsa Thomas:

As a Food Technology graduate with a dynamic background, bringing a wealth of practical experience and academic achievements that uniquely qualify me to better roles.

My three internships and training have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the food industry, ranging from seafood export to beverage production and government oversight through the Export Inspection Agency. These experiences have not only equipped me with hands-on knowledge but have also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the diverse facets of the food technology field.

During my internships, I played a pivotal role in implementing and maintaining quality assurance measures and ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations. This practical experience, particularly in the seafood export industry, has given me valuable insights into the intricacies of food safety, quality management, and inspection protocols.

The training under the government's Export Inspection Agency further enriched my understanding of regulatory frameworks, compliance, and quality control, an aspect crucial for imparting comprehensive education to aspiring food technologists.

In addition to my practical experiences, I have successfully undertaken four projects during my academic journey, showcasing my ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. These projects not only demonstrate my problem-solving skills but also reflect my commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

My academic achievements include owning both an Honors and a Minor degree, underscoring my dedication to academic excellence. I believe that this blend of practical experience and strong academic foundation positions me unique.

Furthermore, my skill set, which includes expertise in quality assurance, quality management, food safety, and inspection, aligns seamlessly with the key requirements of this teaching role. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to share my insights, experiences, and passion for food technology for the success of the industry. 

 I am eager to contribute to develop my excellence in the field.




A dedicated Food Tech graduate with a rich blend of industry exposure,spanning seafood export, beverage production, and government oversight,backed by three internships and one training. Proven track record in quality assurance, management, food safety, and inspection. Holder of Honors and Minor degrees, adept in driving successful projects for a thriving culinary landscape


B.Tech with a major in food technology and minor in chemical engineering.

 Holds an honours degree as well.

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