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Recently Completed Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, BSc (Hons) Computing from London Metropolitan University (LMU), Itahari International College (IIC), looking to apply for the role of Software Developer. An extremely talented young individual with good teamwork, project management, thorough vision, multitasking, and fast learning skills. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including C#, MySQL, HTML5, PHP, Java, CSS, XML, JS. Practical experience gained through several individual projects and university projects, which involved coordination of tasks among different team members. I am a young individual who is purely self-motivated and eager for programming and development. 


1. BSc (Hons) Computing: Information Technology • 2018-10 – 2021-05 • Itahari International College - Sundar Haraicha - 4, Morang 

2. +2 Science (Physical): Science • 2016-08 - 2018-02 • Sushma Godawari College - Itahari, Biratnagar Road, Near Sathi Petrol Pump 

3. School: All Subjects Including Computer Science • 2013-05 - 2016-06 • Modern Preparatory Secondary Boarding School - Itahari, Near B.P Chowk


I am a fresher and have completed an internship in Curl Labs Company in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

1. Curl Labs, Kathmandu, Nepal - Software Developer, Game Developer July 2020 - November 2020 ● Developed a game mobile platform using C# and Unity Engine (a city game based in fantasy place known as “Kathmandu”) which served as a purpose of digital marketing, advertisement and enhancement in clients for the company through real-time environment, entertaining, role playing and educational capabilities. ● Developed game jigsaw puzzle game for web platforms using HTML ● Increased the revenue by up to 15% within 3 months

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