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Cristopher  Gianan

Cristopher Gianan

Dubai, دبي


حول Cristopher Gianan :

Dear Sir/ Madam,


I have read through Internet job site that you are in need of HVAC Technician and I am willing to apply with much interest. I am confident that I can deliver the desired expectation if given a chance to work to showcase my expertise. The level of skills and knowledge that I gained through 23 years of remarkable experience makes me a strong candidate to fill in the needed manpower. I have attached my resume for my complete background and qualification.


I am well verse at troubleshooting, repair and maintaining HVAC equipment such as AHU, FAHU, FCU, Chilled water pumps, Heat exchangers and chillers, etc. I am also familiar with the standards used in HVAC design, fan and pump performance testing standard and Indoor Air Quality. I can also help to develop and implement an optimized preventive maintenance plan using RCM or Reliability centered maintenance strategy. I also know how to use instruments for predictive maintenance such as vibration tester, flow meter for liquids (water & chilled water) pump shaft alignment tool, manometer and anemometer., Balometer for air balancing and hydronic manometer for chilled water balancing. I am well verse with using  MAXIMO, a Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS software that manage HVAC/MEP assets maintenance processes, generating performance reports, asset condition and asset failure history.

I am currently working as an HVAC Engineer in The Dubai Mall (one of the largest shopping malls in UAE). I am responsible for daily HVAC system operation and maintenance. Gives technical advice to my team when needed for a problem to be resolved permanently, conduct technical training to further improve the knowledge of Supervisors, Team leaders and Technicians for proper maintenance and troubleshooting. Provides technical analysis to the client when there are in -depth issues related to the HVAC system to assist them in making the right decision. Ensures technicians are working according to safety standard by providing toolbox talks, right tools and PPE, implement safety awareness campaign and onsite safety inspection. 

I am hoping that my application will be of high consideration and looking forward to hear from you soon to discuss how my qualification coincides with your current needs.

You can reach me anytime via email and mobile phone (+97156-4401430) for details.


Sincerely yours,

Cristopher Gianan


Highly skilled HVAC Engineer with extensive experience in HVAC system operation, installation and maintenance. 20 years of experience in Manufacturing plant, High-rise building, Retail/ F & B shops and Mall (currently managing The Dubai mall project). Strong understanding of all HVAC equipment sequence of operation and best maintenance practices. Good knowledge of MAXIMO, a Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS software that manage HVAC assets maintenance processes, generating performance reports and asset failure history.


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1995 – 1996            Refrigeration and Air conditioning Technology. 

                             Don Bosco Technical Institute

                             Makati City, Philippines

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