Cyrille Soh Talla

Dubai, دبي

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

An energetic, hardworking person who can work as part of a team and under pressure and withstand long hours of work. I can multi-task and take my job personal such that even in the absence of supervision, I remain indifferent in my responsibilities. With so many years of experience, I have developed wonderful organizational, automobile skills. I am an exceptional person who can explore new avenues and push present limits to satisfy customer’s demands.


High school 

Under going tro classes at ASTI academy in Dubai (AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING)


Repairing body damage of vehicles

Replacing of parts and components.

Maintains vehicle state by listening to operator’s complaint.

Perform basic maintenance check, under the hood, inside and outside of the vehicle (change oil, checking fuel level, replacing parts).

Explain vehicle problems and repairs to clients.

Fabricating and vehicle polishing

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Manifacturing company 

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