Mohamed Wassim Dimassi

Al Fujairah City, الفجيرة

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engineering Freelancer

About me:


my name is Mohamed Wassim and I want to develop as a person while doing what I can to align my career with my competencies. I am on a constant journey to be myself and challenge my limitations. I hope that if I end up working for you that my enthusiasm, happiness as well as my positive attitude can have a positive impact on your company.


I have a doctorate in dental surgery and I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business management.


I have worked as a telemarketer for one month at one of Dubai's biggest advertising companies, Trifid Media, and had a lot of fun but was unable to continue because I could not afford living in Dubai since the job was strictly commission based. I have also worked as a sweets packer at Dates and Wheat for two weeks but that came to an abrupt end due to the start of the first year of the dental surgery program that I have completed. 

Other miscellaneous jobs include having worked as a jewellery photographer, event coverage videography, video editing/content creation (free-lance and part of a 25.9K subscriber YouTube channel), guitarist and composer. 

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