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About me:

I am an experienced Telecommunication Engineer Specialized in Vsat Sector and having good experience in the Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Telecommunication equipment’s in Onshore & Offshore Rigs, Barges, Vessels, Ships, High Rise Buildings etc.
I have the potential to work under pressure and in any challenging atmosphere.
Looking forward for suitable position. 


 Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Engineering
and Technology Pakistan – 2010
 Registered by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)


Duties As Telecommunication Engineer Since 2014:

 Installation & Commissioning of fixed VSAT’S like YahClick, YahService at
remote locations (Onshore & Offshore)
 Currently working with different models of IDirect and Hughes modems
 Installation of stabilized antennas such as Intellian v100, Sailor 900B and
 Installation and commissioning of Thuraya IP, IP +, Spacecom/Marine Scan
antenna’s & IP Fixed antennas.
 Installation & Commissioning of Thuraya IP Voyagar & Thuraya vehicular
System for emergencies situations.
 Installation of Thuraya edge (Voice & Data system with Wi-Fi coverage).
 Installation & commissioning fleet broadband (FBB250/500) and explorer
700/710 etc.
 Troubleshooting of Thuraya, Inmarsat & Yahclick products.
 Doing site surveys for new installations (Yahsat, Thuraya & InmarSat)
 Able to use Ekahau heat mapper for survey’s (Wifi Coverage Tool)
 Provide technical assistance/Support remotely to the customers

 Help in doing installations remotely
 Provide Trainings for installations of different products as per requirement
 Making installation and maintenance reports and follow the company
specific system developed for remote assistance and troubleshooting 

Duties As Telecommunication Engineer Since Dec 2012 to Oct 2014:

 Installing and configuring computer hardware, operating systems and
applications (Window server, Domain, DNS, Window XP, 7 etc)
 Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and network
 Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving
hardware/software faults
 Setting up new users' accounts and profiles and dealing with password
 Installing new hardware (scanners, printers, computers etc)
 Installing antivirus protection
 Providing technical support to people using the network
 Able to configure Layer 2 & Layer 3 devices 

Duties & Responsibilities (May 2012-November 2012):

 Provide technical assistant to the Sr. Network Engineer
 Design & Troubleshoot the Local Area Network within entity
 Installing new clients to the server
 Making Ethernet cables according to standards-Straight, crossover and rollover.
 Configuring the switches and creating the VLAN’s
 Provide connectivity to network nodes
 Installation and configuration of DSL Modem’s
 Troubleshoot the modem’s problem for internet connectivity
NETKOM Technologies as a BSS Engineer on CMPAK (Huawei)
SWAP Project

Duties & Responsibilities (February 2011 to January 2012):

 Indoor/Outdoor Installation of Huawei BTS3900, BTS3900A
 Installation of relevant internal cards in the BTS Rack (BBU 3900, RFU,
DCDU and Fan)
 Installation and connection of RRU’s to RF antenna’s and to the BTS
 Fault rectification and troubleshooting of BTS3900
 Alarm patching, monitoring and clearing of indoor and outdoor sites
 Documents preparation i.e. Technical Site Survey Reports, Daily Progress
 Provide civil assistant (Site layout, Site Measurement, Propose Outdoor Pad,
Indoor Solution, Existing Cable) 


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