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About me:

Accomplished UX/UI Designer with 1,5 years of experience eager to create intuitive user-centric interfaces, which will hit client's business goals. A professional designer with top-level skills in Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects. My purpose is to create an attractive and functional design, which catches the audience's attention.

I believe that I can bring a beneficial impact since I am determined and love solving problems with a creative approach. I enjoy mastering new skills and can develop new ideas quickly to achieve the best result.


UX Research and Strategy, UI Designer, Mobile First, Typography Design


UX/UI Designer What's The Move?
Developed user-friendly design concepts for a new mobile app
Conducted usability tests with more than 30 users to better understand user behaviors and usability patterns on responsive devices
Performed 3 user research methodologies such as surveys, interviews, and ethnography studies to empathize on user-centered solutions
Developed wireframes, prototypes, mobile app screens, website design based on research data
Designed 60+ IOS mobile app screens
Collaborated across teams of other designers and developers to accomplish the project together

Web Designer Smog Jewelry
Advised the client of the top 5 strategies to use on their website to reach their target audience
Developed prototypes, website redesign based on analytics data, increased user response by 20%
Reduced the error frequency in website maintenance

UX/UI Designer Freelance
Coordinated with copywriters and web developers for site content, images, icons, banners and posters
Created 4+ design presentations and proposals a month for clients and account managers
Participated in 5+ usability testings
Presented prototypes and concept designs using tools like Figma, XD & Photoshop

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