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Abu Dhabi
Sen Abraham Panachamoottil

Sen Abraham Panachamoottil

Abu Dhabi, أبوظبي


حول Sen Abraham Panachamoottil:

 I am 11 years experienced Senior iOS Developer, currently working with Askvider, Dubai. I have got a wide range of experience in developing and deploying iOS mobile applications to the app store. Applications range from e-commerce, online classifieds, chat, business, financial, social networking, utility, healthcare-related applications. 

Technical Skills: Swift, Objective C, Xcode,  REST, GraphQL, Storyboards, Interface Builder, CoreData, XMPP, MVVM, MVC, Clean Architecture, Unit Testing, Firebase, Gitlab, Jira, XMPP, WebRTC, Social Media Integration, Chat.




Around 11 years of experience in IT industry working on mobile applications for iOS and 1 year of experience with developing Mac OS applications.


Hands-on experience with programming languages Swift, Objective C, and Apple's IDE Xcode.


Experience in Project Planning, Designing, Developing, Testing, QA, Releasing & Maintaining of mobile applications of various categories like financial, business, classifieds, e-commerce, social networking, healthcare, gaming applications.


Expertise in selecting from best practice Design Patterns and Design Principles when building software architectures such as MVVM, MVC, MVP. 


Good experience in networking with Alamofire, AFNetworking.


Experience in integrating various social media SDKs like Facebook, Twitter for social logins, analytics, sharing posts, comments, etc. 


Good knowledge of databases CoreData, SQLite, Firebase.


Strong understanding of core iOS frameworks including NSURLSession, MapKit, AVFoundation, UIKit.


Expertise in Voice over IP(VoIP) solution using STUN/TURN, SIP-based signaling, proficient with AppRTC and WebRTC stack. 


Implemented one-to-one and group chat systems using custom XMPP protocol, peer-to-peer socket communication, and using 3rd party library called QuickBlox.


Experience with cryptography for security, file encryption, CryptoSwift. Also, follow the best practices for maintaining application security.


Deep understanding of different B2B and B2C products and also field service management systems. 


Experience working with designs from Adobe XD and Zeplin. 


Follow Agile methodology to deliver high-quality software. 


Good in implementing Unit Testing in the applications, and doing Test coverage, and metrics analysis for certain parts of the program. 


Experience in working with version control systems like GIT, SVN, and used source code management client tools like Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket


Experience in integrating payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Stripe, PayTabs, Payfort, MasterCard. 


Experience with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Fabric, Firebase. 


Worked with proper software project management tools like Jira,, Gitlab. 


Integrated Push notifications using Apple Push Notification Services(APNS), Firebase(FCM), OneSignal. 


Bluetooth Connectivity - taking readings from Bluetooth devices, and do the data streaming. Connecting with Apple-certified External Accessory devices and read data.


Worked on 3d effects, 3d graphics, and animation on iOS Devices. Experienced in OpenGL ES and CoreGraphics.


Worked on external frameworks and API like Omni frameworks, Cocos 2D, Aji PDF library, Facebook API (FB Connect), Twitter API, Sencha, Phone Gap, Core Plot, Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding, TouchXML, ASIHTTP Request, Box2D, Bullet 3D, Chipmunk, Oolong Engine, Unity 3D, SIO2, simple iPhone-image-processing.


Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology

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